Easy Ways to Protect Your Knees Away from Osteoarthritis Pain

Your knees are a wonder. They’re the biggest, strongest, joints in your body, and most people use them almost constantly throughout the day to sit, stand, walk, jump, and bend. They bear 80% of your body weight when you stand still and 150% or more when you walk across the room. In a 160-pound person, that’s 240 pounds of force!

Age, injury, and repeated motion might damage your knees and lead to osteoarthritis, one of the most common types of knee arthritis.

In osteoarthritis, cartilage -- a smooth, slippery covering that helps the ends of your bones glide over each other -- slowly wears away. This allows bone to rub on bone. Typical symptoms like pain, swelling, stiffness, and loss of motion often get worse over time.

Normal wear and tear is a big part of the reason you get osteoarthritis, especially after age 50, but an injury, or constant lifting, jarring, or bending, also might cause or worsen the condition.

There are some things that might help protect your knees, or at least keep the damage to a minimum.

1.​ Lose some weight​

One study found that a one pound weight loss resulted in a four pound reduction of pressure and stress on the knee joint. Shedding excess weight can improve symptoms and sometimes they even disappear.

And it isn’t only the weight. Fat cells in your body release chemicals that can lead to inflammation, which is hard on your joints and linked to osteoarthritis. Less fat could mean less inflammation.

Still, not everyone should try to lose weight. Talk to your doctor about the best range for your size.

Still, not everyone should try to lose weight. Talk to your doctor about the best range for your size.


2.​ Healthy Diet

 Proper nutrition through a diet full of vitamins and minerals plays an important role in bone health, particularly vitamins C, D and K and calcium.


3.​ Good Rest

Sleep enables our bodies to repair and regenerate most of the damage from our often strestress filledes. Do not overlook the importance of getting adequate, consistent sleep.


4.​ Learn Some New Moves

You’ll avoid repeated motion injury to your knees if you vary your activities instead of doing just one. For example, you might jog on Monday, lift weights on Tuesday, garden on Wednesday, and play with the kids on the weekends. Or you could try something off the beaten path: Yoga combines strength, flexibility, and balance training, and adds meditation that’s good for mental health. It also seems to be as good for your knees as other types of aerobic and strength training exercises.


5.​ Use some healthcare products​

Such as the Far Infrared Heating Pad- Featuring the best Carbon Fiber Heating Element, UTK Infrared Knee Heating Pad would emit far-infrared rays, which deeply and evenly penetrate throughout the body and muscle, bringing relief by increasing circulation.

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Easy Ways to Protect Your Knees Away from Osteoarthritis Pain 1



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