Negative Ions Benefits

<p>What are negative ions?</p>
An ion is an atom or molecule with an electrical charge, either positive or negative, Ions are naturally created when things such as sunlight, radiation, or moving water break apart molecules of air. The environments around mountains, waterfalls, and rolling oceans are rich in negative ions.
<p>What is negative ion therapy?</p>
Negative ion therapy uses negative ions to produce beneficial effects. Many people find it improves their health, particularly in the areas of depression, bronchial issues, allergies, blood pressure, stress, and the removal of toxins.
<p>How does negative ion therapy work?</p>
Positive ions can be absorbed from sunlight or electronic devices like computers and cell phones and can inhibit cell functioning. Negative ions boost cells’ ability to use nutrients and remove waste, increase oxygen flow to the brain, and balance the body’s pH by decreasing its acidity.
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European research has shown that negative ions increase collagen production, make cell membranes more permeable, and help strength the immune and autonomic nervous system.

Research in Japan has shown that negative ions maintain a balance between insulin and the adrenal functions in the autonomic nervous system, and that negative ionization increases the ions in the calcium and sodium (salt) in the blood and raises its alkalinity. Gamma globulin also increases, creating blood that it rich in proteins as well as antibodies.

Negative Ions are Positive

<font color=#a47bb3>Anti-Oxidant</font>
Negative ion is a powerful antioxidantwhich acts as a defense mechanism forprotecting us against hanful bacteriaand inhibils free radicals.
Cell Revival
Negative ions help the cells tofunction optimally by regulatingCellular Metabolism and increaseCelular Nutrient Absorption.
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Stress and Exertion
Negative lons reduce the harmfuleffects of stress by regulating theproduction of the stress hormone,Cortisol.
<font color=#f4cf3b>Blood Alkalizing</font>
These lons convert the acidic bloodinto an alkaline state by ionizingthe calciurn and sodiurm contentsin the blood.
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What is benefits of negative ion therapy ?

<p>Sleep better</p>
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<p>Support mental health</p>
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<p>Increase the level of serotonin</p>
Serotonin is also referred to as the happy chemical. So an increased level of serotonin improves a person’s mood or gives us that happy feeling.
<p>Protect Against Germs in the Air</p>
Some consumer devices using negative ion generation technology have been shown to remove airborne particles, dust, cigarette smoke, pet dandruff, pollen, spores from molds, viruses and bacteria .Negative ions may reduce symptoms like throat irritation, coughing, and sneezing caused by airborne germs.
<p>Purify the blood</p>
Negative ions increase the holding capacity of the blood for oxygen. This will help vitalize the cells as well as improve metabolism.
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