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Combine with 4 Advanced Heat Therapy Technologies ---  comfort your muscles which bring you a better quality of wellness
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Benefits Of Far Infrared Heating Pad
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What's the difference between jade and tourmaline?

Jade,tourmaline and amethyst has long history as most popular wellness stones which used in the practice of healing and recovery. The UTK jade and tourmaline heating pad is an FDA licensed medical device that combines Far Infrared heat and Negative Ion therapy with the healing power of Jade and tourmaline.

· Emits farther infrared heat
· Symbolizes happiness as a gemstone
· Boost the body’s immune system and circulation
· Improves the body ’s energy level
· Reduces bruising, pain and swellings
· Emits more negative ions
· Improves blood circulation
· Helps detoxification
· Helps eliminate toxic metals
· Supports the liver and kidneys
· Emits a steady flow of far infrared.
· Supports oxygenation in the blood.
· Strengthens the immune system
· Promotes a healthy mood
· Eases our mental anxieties
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infrared heating pad benefits
far infrared heating pad benefits
What are the benefits of far infrared heat therapy?

Researchers have found that far infrared rays can improve blood circulation, reduce symptoms of chronic diseases, alleviate pain, revitalize skin cells, strengthen the brain, cardiovascular system, and nervous system, and help restore muscle and joint elasticity. Studies have shown that FIR therapy enhances blood circulation, reduces ischemia, exerts an anti-inflammatory effects, reduces pain, and promotes better sleep. FIR waves may also destroy cancer or viral cells. 

Unlike over-the-counter pain remedies, FIR therapy does not have gastrointestinal side effects. 

What is negative ion therapy? 

Negative ion therapy uses negative ions to produce beneficial effects. Many people find it improves their health, particularly in the areas of depression, bronchial issues, allergies, blood pressure, stress, and the removal of toxins.

Natural jade is rich in a variety of traceelements that are beneficial to thehuman body, such as calcium, iron,selenium, etc., which are involved inthe metabolic process and are benefi-cial to the body
The negative ions help increase cellenergy and help strengthen theimmune system
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The far infrared heat pad providewarm and gentle heat to relieve thepain of the human body, help sleepand improve sleep quality
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Built-in carbon fiber
Carbon fiber can generate far infrared rays, penetrate into human skin, improve cell activity and metabolism
What is EMF? 
EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. It is an energy field that is emitted from any wires that has current running through it. While this far infrared heating pad, when in operation, has no current running through its wires, every effort has been made in the design, development and construction to reduce and minimize any EMF exposure
Infrared Heating Pad VS Conventional Heating Pad

Product Name

Far infrared Heating Pad

Electric Heating Pad

Product Picture







15" x 19"

12" x 15"




Pad Material

Soft PU leather (both sides), non-toxic PP cotton, Natural Jade Stones

PVC and soft cloth cover

Heat via

Carbon fiber heating wires,

Natural jade stones

Electric coils

Heat Settings

103°F~159°F by 1°F increments

4 levels: Warm,Low, Med, High

Timer Settings

0~240 minutes by 15 minutes increments


Auto Shut-Off

4 hours


Memory function



Power Cord Length

10 feet

9 feet

Power Wattage

66 Watts

50 Watts

Travel bag



Far infrared heat

YES, 4μm -14 μm


Deep Penetrating Heat

6 inches below skin

2 to 3mm, only warm your skin




Negative Ions






US FDA Registered



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UTK is engaged in a fast-growing healthy industry. Our vision is to make a healthy lifestyle accessible and affordable to everyone. UTK heating pad combines Hot Stone Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy, Negative Ions Therapy & Photon Light Therapy to reduce aching, inflamed muscles, and to relieve pain, which will give you a tremendous wellness-boosting experience.


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