Senior logistics specialist

Professional Profile:  Cultivating 5 years of expertise in business merchandising and 2 years in logistics supply chain management.

Recipient of the prestigious Annie Award for Excellence bestowed by the company.
Repeatedly honored within the organization as an exemplar of excellence.
Proficient in the intricacies of foreign trade processes and associated knowledge, equipped with a formidable capacity for effective communication and seamless coordination.
Committed to delivering international logistics services that epitomize professionalism, safety, efficiency, and substantial value.


Customer Service Supervisor

Professional Profile:  Boasting an impressive 8-year tenure in the e-commerce industry, with a primary focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

Demonstrates expertise in after-sales support across prominent e-commerce platforms, including eBay, AliExpress, Dunhuang, and Amazon.
Exhibits exceptional prowess in communication, swiftly discerning customer requirements, comprehending the intricacies of their issues, and presenting precise, tailored solutions.
Leveraging a wealth of professional customer service experience, consistently elevating customer satisfaction, and serving as an invaluable conduit between clientele and the organization. Simultaneously, upholds store security, providing an indispensable foundation for operational success.

Deng Sheng 

Position:  Production Management Expert

Professional Profile:  With an illustrious career spanning over two decades in production management, including over a decade of leadership within major corporations.

Demonstrates a profound mastery of the ISO quality management system and holds a distinguished FDA 13485 system certification.

Exhibits exemplary expertise in the strategic development of production systems, meticulous control of all production facets, optimization of production processes, and more, underscoring an unparalleled prowess in production management.

Offers invaluable assistance to enterprises in the establishment of streamlined and highly efficient production systems, the elevation of production efficiency and product quality, the cultivation of competitive product portfolios, and the strategic reduction of operational costs.


Position:  Quality manager

Professional Profile:  Seasoned Senior Quality Management Specialist with over two decades of profound experience in the realm of quality management. Notably, ten of those years have been dedicated to overseeing quality management in large-scale foreign enterprises.

She possesses expertise in the establishment of quality management systems from ground zero to full implementation., she possesses an in-depth familiarity with the ISO9001 quality management system as well as the ISO13485 quality management system.
Her remarkable achievements include guiding manufacturing facilities through rigorous inspections by corporate giants such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy on numerous occasions.
Leveraging her expertise and extensive background, she ensures that product quality and service delivery consistently align with and surpass customer expectations.

Xiong Qiaojun

Position:  Senior Quality Officer

Professional Profile: With over a decade of prolific experience in the field of product quality inspection, she has proven her mettle as a Quality Assurance Specialist within a prominent publicly traded corporation.

Her track record includes being honored with the prestigious title of "Product Knowledge Master" by her company.  Furthermore, she has consistently garnered accolades such as the company's Position Model, Best Technical Talent, and numerous other distinctions.

Demonstrating a profound aptitude for problem analysis and resolution, she possesses the ability to swiftly pinpoint potential quality hazards and implement appropriate remedial actions.


Position:  Product division manager

Professional Profile:  As a Senior Specialist in Supply Chain Development, she boasts an extensive and illustrious career spanning more than a decade, replete with notable accomplishments in the realm of supply chain development.

She possesses an exceptional proficiency in supply chain development and management, underpinned by a wealth of experience in launching highly successful product lines.

Her expertise extends across a diverse range of product categories, including electronic products, LED lamps, pets, home goods, outdoor equipment, automotive parts, maternal and child products, and clothing.
Her hallmark strength lies in her ability to collaborate closely with suppliers, ensuring the seamless and efficient orchestration of supply chain operations and punctual product deliveries.

Name:  Zhong Fang

Position:  Senior Purchasing Specialist

Professional Profile: With A Substantial Seven-Year Track Record In Procurement And Development Within The E-Commerce Industry, She Brings A Wealth Of Expertise To The Table.

Her Expertise Spans Various Supply Chain Resources, Including But Not Limited To Packaging Materials, Electronic Products, Structural Components, Toys, Clothing, And 3C Electronic Products.

She Regards Quality And Cost-Effectiveness As The Cornerstone Of Her Work Approach, Relentlessly Pursuing Innovation And Optimization. Her Unwavering Commitment To Excellence Ensures The Delivery Of Exceptional Procurement Experiences And Outstanding Customer Results.


Position:  Product Specialist

Professional Profile:  As a distinguished Senior Expert in Sewing Product Development, she boasts an impressive tenure of over two decades, dedicated to the refinement of finished sewing products.

Her mastery extends to sewing production processes and manufacturing technologies, with an adept command of diverse fabric supply chain resources.

Under her leadership, she spearheaded the successful development and delivery of high-profile Disney product projects.

Driven by her unparalleled expertise and unwavering passion, she remains steadfastly committed to consistently delivering top-tier solutions to clients. Her dedication is firmly rooted in achieving product innovation and the highest echelons of quality.

Gao Benkui

Position:  Senior sample Developer

Professional Profile:  With a decade of seasoned experience in sample development and production, he excels in the realms of luggage and household sample development and production.

His expertise spans the gamut of sewing product manufacturing processes, allowing him to adeptly employ various technologies and materials to ensure that sample quality and process specifications are consistently met.
He has contributed significantly to prestigious projects, including involvement in Moomin product endeavors and the leadership of successful development and delivery in Disney product projects.

Driven by an unyielding passion for excellence, he steadfastly upholds him commitment to furnishing customers with superlative sample solutions that consistently exceed expectations.
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