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5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast!


5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast!

Many people often encountered that suddenly felt back pain after went through one day’s hard working.

Usually we are good but why do we have such backache? What should we do?

This article including 3 main causes of low back pain and effective treatment and prevention methods,hope this will be helpful for back pain sufferers.

Why do you have back pain?

1.Waist sprain

Waist sprains are commonly said “flashing waists”. There are three main reasons for sprains:

A. The burden weight is beyond acceptable range of spine. For example, it is easy to twist your waist if you suddenly carry a very heavy stuff.

B. Suddenly do some action without mental preparation, .For example, to move a bucket that is thought to be empty but actually filled with water.Because our mind is not prepared and muscles are not fully contracted So it is easy to cause sprained waist.

C. Strenuous exercise or sports, especially with twisting such as playing tennis, dancing which are common causes of sprains.

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 1

Symptoms: Mainly manifested as severe pain on one side or both sides of the waist. The pain will be aggravated in lumbar activity, coughing and sneezing. When walking,you have to support waist with your hands.

2.Lumbar muscle strain

A.It was not been treated timely and reasonably after got acute lumbar sprain,after that ,lumbar muscle wound was slowly formed

which weakened the lumbar muscle strength and caused low back pain. Sitting in a fixed position with incorrect posture,

Our back muscles are in a state of muscle tension for a long time then gradually become a strain of lumbar muscles.

B. Long time sitting and standing

long-term work in bending (such as construction workers). For example, the lumbar muscle strain of the office worker is actually a chronic, cumulative lumbar muscle injury.

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 2

Symptoms: mainly manifested as lumbar pain, mostly are rheumatic or tumid pains with repeated attacks.

The pain can be a part or the entire lower back.

the pain will be aggravated along with climate changes or overworks(like do houseworks)

after rest ,the pain is relieved,frequently hits waist with hand to relieve pain.

3. Lumbar disc aging

Along with the growth of the age,our lumbar disc will be slowly aged and shrunken. If you suffer back injury or other factors,

Our lumbar disc will age faster. waist pain will be occured when our nerve root was pressed by lumbar disc herniation.

       Normal Normal lumbar intervertebral disc

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 3

             Protruding lumbar intervertebral disc

Symptoms: Low back pain and lower limbs pain are the main symptoms of lumbar intervertebral disc aging.The specific manifestation is that the pain mainly radiates from the lower waist, buttock and legs which is like electric shocked we can’t imagine that pain occurs. How can we get rid of the tormenting back pain? Fast ways to relieve back and waist pain.

Physical therapy

1.Rest in bed

Practice has proved that most people with low back pain can relieve the pain through bed rest.If you still feel uncomfortable while lying down, try these postures.

A. Lie prone and put your hands on your sides.

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 4

B. If you still feel pain, you can put a cushion on your abdomen, and it may be more comfortable to put your head on your hand.

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 5

C.Stretching your back

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 6

Don’t stretch your back because the pain. The more you don’t exercise your back, the more painful it is. This is a vicious circle.

You can try the following posture, but if the pain is more serious, stop immediately.

Lying on the back, bending the knee

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 7

D.Swing your knees from side to other side and swing outward as much as possible untilthe sides of knees are attached to the ground.

Repeat the movement 3 times and do it three times per day.After the pain is relieved,can be gradually increased to 10 times per action.

Methods of daily prevention of back pain

1. Sleep on a hard bed, put a small pillow under the leg while sleeping, you can relieve the pressure on our lumbar.

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 8

2.Pay attention to avoid cold and damp in our lower back, try to avoid rain and cold, do not let the cold air blow our waist.

Cold and humidity can get shrink of small blood vessels, muscle spasm and increase pressure of our lumbar spine.

3. Change the sitting position.

Keep your chest upright and straight, your head can’t be crooked. The back waist supports most weight of our human body, Incorrect sitting posture is easy to cause lower back pain.

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 9

4. Do more exercise, at least 3 times a week.

Whether it is running, cycling or swimming, it can effectively exercise the strength and flexibility of the back muscles, providing a good support for the spine.

5. Avoid excessive bending in your life.

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 10

When you need to bend over and take heavy objects, bend knee joint and kneel first to avoid excessive bending of the waist and reduce the lumbar load. When lifting heavy objects, try to let the two hands bear the same weight to avoid uneven force on the spine.

As long as you do these things, you can effectively protect your waist by sticking to exercise.

Far infrared heating therapy

5 ways to quickly relieve back pain: simple, fast! 11

Absorption of the sun’s rays helps stimulate the body’s metabolism.

We need light in order to properly absorb certain nutrients and minerals. A lack of sunlight can lead to lower immune function, tension,

fatigue, depression, and insomnia. FIR light raises the body’s temperature. This increases circulation via the dilation of blood vessels,

which does not increase blood pressure.

FIR heat penetrates past the skin and our insulating fatty layer, 4-6 inches into the body.

The heat resonates with the cells and invigorates them. The body responds to FIR therapy mats faster than to traditional heating pads,

and the effects continue even after use is ended. The benefits of FIR therapy may be enhanced by natural jade or tourmaline. The infrared rays emitted by our pads vary from 4μm -14μm.

What are the benefits the FIR therapy?

Researchers have found that FIR rays can improve blood circulation, reduce symptoms of chronic diseases,

alleviate pain, revitalize skin cells, strengthen the brain, cardiovascular system, and nervous system,

and help restore muscle and joint elasticity. Studies have shown that FIR therapy enhances blood circulation,

reduces ischemia, exerts an anti-inflammatory effects, reduces pain, and promotes better sleep. FIR waves may also destroy cancer or viral cells.

Unlike over-the-counter pain remedies, FIR therapy does not have gastrointestinal side effects.


UTK far infrared heating pads combine with far infrared hetaing pads,negative ions,far-infrared rays and natural stone to gives good pain relief especially for chronic back and neck pain suffers.

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