What is hot stone therapy?

What is hot stone therapy?

Hot stone therapy, often used with massage, is deeply relaxing. The slow release of heat from the stones stimulates and relaxes the circulatory system. This aids the muscles in releasing toxins and helps the body heal. It softens tense muscles, easing pain and spasms and bringing a feeling of peace and well-being. Relaxation spreads throughout the tissues, stress is released, and the body, mind, and spirit are energized and rejuvenated.

What is a hot stone heating pad treatment like? And What are the hot stone therapy benefits?

Since hot stone therapy aims to provide peace and relaxation, it is best experienced in a quiet space or with soft music playing. This allows the recipient to focus deep within and release all stress and tension. Often, recipients go into a meditative state or fall asleep. Deep sleep is a restorative state during which the body can perform healing processes. The heat of the hot stone heating pad, the relaxation of the muscles, and the sense of release combine to send the body into a restorative mode. After a hot stone massage, before sitting up, the recipient should take a few minutes to allow the body to integrate the treatment. A further hour of leisure time is recommended to allow the body to absorb the full benefits of the treatment. Other helpful actions include during lots of water for rehydration, eating fruits and vegetables, or sitting quietly before transitioning to daily activities.

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