Magnet Therapy is a holistic therapy that is most commonly known for it's ability to alleviate pain. However, this natural therapy offers numerous other health benefits.

Magnetic Therapy utilizes the natural energy of magnetism, which is essential for human existence and overall health. Our physical body is encompassed by a field of energy commonly referred to as a subtle energy body or subtle energy field. This biofield or biomagnetism is produced by all living organisms. Once this is realized, it should not be so surprising to learn that our bodies can benefit from this natural bio-compatible energy field.


What Is Magnetic TherapyMagnetic Therapy, also know as Magnet Therapy or Biomagnetic Therapy, is a body-energy therapy that involves the application of magnets or magnetic fields to the human body for the purpose of healing or health benefits. We’re not talking about any ordinary magnet. A healing magnet or biomagnet is a magnet that is specifically manufactured for the purpose of physical and mental healing.

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By enhancing the body’s natural energy fields, Magnetic Therapy is thought to stimulate the metabolism and increase circulation thereby increasing the amount of oxygen delivered to the cells. This natural therapy is used to relieve stress, depression, headaches and pain, to accelerate and promote healing, and to slow disease processes such as cancer and infections.


This alternative therapy dates back to antiquity, yet it is still used in complementary and alternative medicine and today. Magnet Therapy is very advanced in many countries, yet it has only more recently gained popularity here in the United States.



History of Magnetic Therapy

The history of Magnetic Therapy goes back about four thousand years. It is mentioned in some of the earliest writings in Egypt, India, Greece and China.

The Yellow Emperor’s Book of Internal Medicine from 2000 B.C., one of the early writings of Chinese Medicine, mentions the use of magnetic stones (Lodestone) to therapeutically influence energetically charged points (acupuncture points) and their associated channels (meridians). This was done to balance the body’s subtle energies.

It is said that the stone Queen Cleopatra wore on her forehead was Lodestone also known as Magnetite (a magnetic mineral form of iron oxide). She believed it would keep her young and beautiful.

Records indicate that the Chinese, Indians and Egyptians all believed that physical disease was a result of energetic imbalances. Ancient healers used this holistic remedy to assist the body’s innate ability to balance and self-heal.

Today, Magnetic Therapy is well advanced in China, Japan, India, Australia and Germany and much research has been done. The majority of physicians, here in the United States, have been slow to recognize and embrace it.

More recently, healthcare professionals and holistic practitioners such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and naturopathic doctors are incorporating static magnetic therapy into their practices here in the U.S. They are now realizing how this alternative therapy can assist the body to achieve a state of balance (homeostasis) and holistic health.


Skeptics often claim that the benefits of Magnet Therapy must be due to the placebo effect. However, research has proven that applying biomagnets to the body provides a static magnetic field which can assist the body to balance and self-heal.

Magnetic Therapy benefits are backed by biomagnetic research. Japan, China and many European countries have used Magnet Therapy for centuries, dating back to antiquity, and much research has been done. Here in the United States research has been somewhat limited due to the prevalence of Western Medicine.

Although biomagnets (healing magnets) have not been approved by the FDA as medical devices, over the last few decades this holistic therapy has gained popularity here in the United States and more and more researchers have begun to do research and already many have proved the beneficial effects of Magnetic Therapy for both chronic and acute conditions.

One of the most popular studies done in the United States is commonly referred to as The Baylor Study. The study "Magnet Therapy Reduces Pain in Post-Polio Patients" was done in 1997 by the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Download the reprint from the original Baylor study below.


Researchers have reported that permanent magnets can speed up the body’s natural healing process. They have demonstrated that the application of biomagnets can accelerate post-surgery recovery time and speed the healing of injuries and wounds.

Both clinicians and researchers boast an impressive 80 to 90 percent success rate in pain reduction. Biomagnetic research has also shown that permanent magnets restore energy, boost the immune system, and enhance sleep.


Magnetic Therapy For PainBiomagnets have been used for alternative pain relief in conditions such as arthritis, bursitis, rheumatism, tendinitis, neck and shoulder pain, back pain and other back problems, headaches including migraines, muscle strains, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia and the list goes on. Magnetic Therapy has even been used during post-operative care to accelerate healing of surgical wounds.

Clinicians and researchers have reported a success rate of 80 to 90 percent in pain reduction. My personal experience has been 100% pain reduction. The majority of my clients have also reported a 100% success rate.

Many professional athletes credit the use of magnets to enhancing their performance and increasing their endurance. The use of magnets have also been reported to reduce their recovery time. Professional athletes also use this alternative therapy for natural pain relief and to accelerate the healing of sports injuries.


IMagnet Therapy Increases Endorphin Levelsf you have ever suffered from symptoms of endorphin deficiency you know how debilitating it can be. Or perhaps you’ve been experiencing the symptoms but haven’t known the cause.

There is evidence that the use of biomagnets (healing magnets) increases endorphin levels in the body. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers. Endorphins are pain prohibiting hormones that are naturally produced by your body. Endorphins inhibit pain by binding to the opioid receptors in your brain. They work similarly to opioid pain medications like oxycodone or morphine. Endorphins are commonly referred to as “happy hormones.” Since these natural pain relievers are produced by the body they yield no negative side effects.

Dr. Saul Liss reported that after applying a static magnet to an acupressure point, the endorphin level increased 48 percent from the pre-treatment level. There are approximately two thousand acupuncture points in the body. Even when a magnet is not purposely placed directly on an acupuncture point, it is likely that the magnetic field will affect one or more of these points and the body will release pain relieving endorphins. This is why so many people have turned to Magnetic Therapy for pain relief.


This holistic therapy provides physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits beyond pain relief; it can benefit an array of symptoms and health problems such as diabetes, depression, insomnia, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), just to name a few.

This natural remedy is not only beneficial for symptoms; it can be used as a preventative measure as well. For example, I’ve had numerous clients with a history of migraines who started wearing my Magnetite magnetic jewelry and reported back that they never experienced a migraine while wearing their magnetic necklace. Magnetic therapy also offers EMF protection from the ill effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Wearing magnetic therapy jewelry is a simple and affordable way to benefit from this holistic therapy. Magnetic jewelry can be worn as a preventative measure, to alleviate symptoms, to assist the body to heal and achieve a state of homeostasis, and to assist one in obtaining holistic health.


Magnetic Therapy For Pets

Veterinarians were among some of the early professional groups that embraced Magnet Therapy. Within the past 3 decades or so, the use of magnets on dogs and horses, particularly to speed the healing of injuries, has become increasingly widespread.

Magnetic Therapy is safe and effective for pets and other animals. Magnetite Jewelry can be worn as a cat or dog collar. My sister had a Great Pyrenees that was suffering from arthritis and was really having trouble walking. I sent her a Magnetite necklace for her dog Hunter. She soon reported that he was back to running around and playing. She said that she hadn’t seen him that active since he was a puppy!


How Does Magnetic Therapy Work? | Magnet Therapy | Access Possibilities

A common question among those new to Magnetic Therapy is “How does Magnetic Therapy work?” Not all experts agree as to how this natural therapy works. There are many different theories and beliefs within the field of Magnetic Therapy.

Although we have gained a lot of knowledge about magnets and their use as an alternative therapy, we still have much to learn. Scientist and researchers are hard at work to answer this question. To learn more check out our blog article How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?


Magnetic Field Deficiency | Magnetic Therapy | Access Possibilities

Researchers such as Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa believe that magnetic field deficiency syndrome occurs due to the decrease in the Earth’s magnetic field. This syndrome is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia, frequent headaches, dizziness and generalized aches and pains. Learn more in my blog article Do You Suffer From Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome?


Controversies Within The Field Of Magnetic Therapy | Access Possibilities

There is much controversy in the field of Magnetic Therapy, especially when it comes to the polarity of a biomagnet. While all experts agree that magnets work, opinions vary among experts.

Some experts believe that bipolar magnets are more effective, while others believe that unipolar magnets are the way to go. Learn more in my blog article Choosing Bipolar Magnets VS Unipolar Magnets For Therapy.

Another area of controversy is whether to use the magnetic north pole or the magnetic south pole of a biomagnet. The magnetic north pole south pole controversy dates back to the early 1930s and still continues today. Learn more about this in my blog article The Magnetic North Pole South Pole Controversy In Magnetic Therapy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes the healing benefits of both magnetic poles. The magnetic poles of a biomagnet correspond to Yin and Yang energies. Depending on the type of imbalance, a particular magnetic pole can be used to achieve balance. Learn more in my blog article How To Balance Yin Yang Energies With Magnetic Therapy.


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