It is 5-15 micron wavelength is actually the light that we can’t see, but can feel as a heat.  It is the same type of heat that body produces naturally to warm itself, and more than half of the sun’s heat is infrared as well, so it is completely safe & natural.

  • FAR INFRARED HEAT PENETRATES OUR BODIES RATHER THAN ONLY HEATING THE SKIN.  During a body wrap session, far infrared heat penetrates 1-2 inches, heating areas where fats and toxins have been stored without generating uncomfortable heat on the surface of the skin. As many fats and toxins are soluble at temperatures of just over 100 degrees, these fats and toxins, including cholesterol, heavy metals and acids, can be dissolved and excreted through our sweat or kidneys.
  • In recent clinical research, approximately 15% of the sweat was composed of these undesirable fats and toxins in an infrared session, compared to 3-5% with normal exercise. The difference can be attributed to the fat and toxins that were dissolved through the application of infrared heat and excreted as part of the sweat. Body Wrap infrared heat therapy can be effective in removing fats, cholesterol, ammonia, sulfuric acid, nicotine, alcohol, mercury and aluminum. These can be dissolved and removed through sweating and also through normal bodily elimination.
  • Many of us have used a heating pad to soothe pain and heat has been well documented in the treatment of pain relief. The Body wrap’s penetrating infrared heat can result in immediate therapeutic benefit through increased blood flow and tissue oxygenation and may also act directly on irritated nerve endings. Clinical research has established that an infrared treatment session can increase blood flow from 5-7 quarts/minute to as much as 13 quarts/minute. A 2008 study found that chronic pain patients experienced a 70% reduction in pain levels after the first infrared therapy session.
  • WEIGHT LOSS                                                                                                                                  
  •  Most people will produce substantial amounts of sweat during a 50 minute body wrap weight loss session. While there can be a short term loss of weight due to this sweating, most of this weight is immediately regained with re-hydration. But the fats and toxins in the sweat, as much as 15% of the sweat content, are not replaced.Clinical research has also established that sweating is an energy-intensive process. Extensive sweating can speed up the metabolism, resulting in dramatically increased caloric consumption. Simply put, sweating burns calories, often at very high rates. The metabolism can remain elevated for several hours after a session. So a body wrap session can burn calories both during a session and for some time afterward.                                                                                                                                                                            REPEATED BODY WRAP SESSIONS CAN RESULT IN WEIGHT LOSS THROUGH THE COMBINATION OF BURNING CALORIES AND REMOVING FATS AND TOXINS.
  • Recent clinical observations and studies have produced a large body of observations on the potential beneficial effects of infrared therapy in a broad range of disorders as well as promoting well-being, including:
  •            Fibromyalgia
  •            Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •            Blood pressure
  •            Anti-aging effects on the skin and other tissues
  •            Cardiovascular health
  •            Acute and chronic soft tissue injuries and repair

The far infrared heating pad can be used in many ways, in the comfort of your own home, by professionals using it within their natural healing practice, in the sports arena or in the spa environment.

How does FIR therapy work?

Absorption of the sun’s rays helps stimulate the body’s metabolism. We need light in order to properly absorb certain nutrients and minerals. A lack of sunlight can lead to lower immune function, tension, fatigue, depression, and insomnia. FIR light raises the body’s temperature. This increases circulation via the dilation of blood vessels, which does not increase blood pressure.

FIR heat penetrates past the skin and our insulating fatty layer, 4-6 inches into the body. The heat resonates with the cells and invigorates them. The body responds to FIR therapy mats faster than to traditional heating pads, and the effects continue even after use is ended. The benefits of FIR therapy may be enhanced by natural jade or tourmaline. The infrared rays emitted by our pads vary from 4μm -14μm.

Benefits of Far-infrared Heating Pad

  • Helping give relief from minor muscle and stiffness, joint pain, muscle spasms, sprains and strains, minor muscular back painor other body parts.
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reducing tension and stress and boost energy
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Helping the body remove toxins through perspiration
  • Improving flexibility
  • Helping your muscle relax




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