OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 1
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 2
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 3
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 4
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 5
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 6
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 1
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 2
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 3
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 4
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 5
OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK 6

OEM Electric Heating Pad Costco UTK

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Company Advantages

· UTK electric heating pad costco is dyed with an accurate combination of pressure, temperature and time. Through this process, its color effect is satisfactory.

· It is not subject to color fading even it is exposed to UV light or strong sunlight for a long period. Some dye-fixing agent has been infused in its coloring agent before dying.

· The product is very important for the betterment of the lives of patients and it would not become the source of the spread of diseases.

  • 5 Wavelengths Red Light Therapy - 470:630:660:850:940nm Wavelengths can meet all customer needs. Newly added 470nm has better protection for the skin, 940nm is invisible infrared light longer than 850nm wavelength, speeds healing by delivering energy directly to the inside of cells.
  • 3 Modes to Choose - The 470nm light and red light are controlled separately, when used together five led lights will light up at the same time, and the power will increase instantly. With the wavelength of 850,940nm infrared led light, it penetrates the human dermis and deeply relieves the pain of the human body.
  • Portable Gift Box Packaging - The exquisite and portable gift box packaging is suitable for various scenarios. Contains two removable rechargeable batteries that can be used not only in the home and office but also in conjunction with people doing outdoor sports. There is no doubt that this is the best gift for family or friends.

Company Features

· The development of electric heating pad costco in UTK Technology Limited has embarked on a fast track and is in a leading position in the world.

· Our quality control and production processes are in line with international quality standards. In order to meet the needs of different users, we continuously develop and perfect the product technology and quality. UTK has become renowned for its high quality with respect to design, development, manufacture, and standardization.

· We are always ready to supply high quality electric heating pad costco. Welcome to visit our factory!

Product Details

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Application of the Product

electric heating pad costco can play an important role in various fields.

We have a professional team and can provide customers with the most appropriate solutions to help customers achieve their goals quickly and effectively.

Product Comparison

The electric heating pad costco of has the following advantages, compared with similar products in the market.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has an experienced work team of high quality. And our members are equipped with high-level of R&D capabilities and first-class production technology.

has built a service system that meets the needs of consumers. It has won wide acclaim and support from customers.

Our company always insists on the business philosophy of 'winning the market with quality and gaining the reputation with service'. All of us should struggle hard to achieve development step by step, and pursue excellence and innovation in a practical and diligent attitude. All that brings us a brand new attitude, leading our company's development.

Since the establishment in has gone through a struggling path with painstaking efforts and sweat for years. Up to now, we have gained remarkable achievements.

Through continuous improvement of sales channels, our company has established an unobstructed market channel and sales network at home and abroad with our major distribution outlets. It expands the visibility of our products.

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UTK is engaged in a fast-growing healthy industry. Our vision is to make a healthy lifestyle accessible and affordable to everyone. UTK heating pad combines Hot Stone Therapy, Far Infrared Therapy, Negative Ions Therapy & Photon Light Therapy to reduce aching, inflamed muscles, and to relieve pain, which will give you a tremendous wellness-boosting experience.


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