Jade Vs Tourmaline Heating Pad. What’s The Better Option?

Jade Vs Tourmaline Heating Pad. What’s The Better Option?

The Jade Stone

The jade stone is an excellent conductor of heat, especially infrared heat. It’s up there with the highest heat conductor of all the stones. That includes jade, tourmaline, amethyst and the obsidian stones that are all embedded into the infrared heating pad.

This is where it gets interesting. When the jade healing stones are combined with infrared heat, they offer or generate therapeutic heat that can penetrate into the skin up to 5 inches deep into your body. Think about that for a second, this is deep enough to reach your muscle tissues, organs and cells. The fact that this type of heat can get that deep into our bodies is quite remarkable.

Getting down that deep into your body as opposed to heating the surface of the skin, which is what a regular heating pad will do, can result in some amazing pain relief as well as better blood circulation and not only that, it can help build up your immune system. And a healthier and stronger immune system is something we all need.

The effect of this is you’ll have more energy and better mental capacity to think and function better, and that can only be a good thing. 

What could you do if you had more energy and the ability to think better? 

As you’d expect, using an infrared heating pad on an ongoing basis can really give you some excellent positive results. Let’s take a look at the benefits of the jade stone and what it can offer us.

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The Benefits Of Jade Stone

When combined with infrared rays you get a number of health benefits that can really help with any health issues you might be suffering from, they include.

Pain Relief. This although being a little general, is the main benefit associated with using the jade stone. The jade infrared heating pad offers relief from pain in all areas of the body. The back, joint pain, muscle pain and other related pain. The jade stone pad also helps with arthritis pain.

This is what I found great about the infrared heating pad. It’s an actual pad, meaning you can use it anywhere on your body as it wraps around the affected area and you can really target the areas you need. 

For example, If you have pain in your neck you can wrap it around your neck. Pain in your lower back, the same thing. The infrared heating pad has an advantage over, let’s say an infrared sauna, although very different. But using this example for pain relief you can see what I mean. 

Better Blood Circulation. Pain and other joint and muscle issues can occur when you have irregular blood flow. This can happen for a number of reasons which is out of the scope of this article, having said that the best way to solve this issue is to get better blood flow into those affected areas.

And the way to do this is with heat, especially infrared heat. Just another benefit and reason to use an infrared heating pad. Why infrared? If you’re unsure, allow me to explain, although I think you might already know the reasons. 

You can always use a regular heat pack or something similar like a rice pack that has been heating up, which is fine, but that will only heat the surface of your body for a very short period of time, and when you remove the heat the area in question cools down very quickly. 

You want that heat to reach deep into your body and stay there doing its thing for a while and that’s exactly what using an infrared heating pad with jade stone can offer.

Once you have better blood flow to the affected area of your body with the use of infrared heat you can start to heal the affected area. 

Stronger Immune System. Ongoing use of infrared therapy, in this case with an infrared heating pad, helps to increase your immune system. This can have a number of flow-on health benefits that go beyond this article, having said that, the major benefit to a better immune system is your body’s ability to fight off illness, and for me that’s huge.

Boost Your Energy Levels. This alone has to be a winner, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say there are days that I wish I had more energy. More energy means a better you and for me more productivity.  

The jade stone helps with increased energy levels and you’ve gotta love that. Think of what you can achieve if you had more energy, what could you do on a daily basis?

A side rant here. We are energy and the average person, I included at times, often neglect our body by not looking after it, then wonder why we are so stuffed. We need to feed our bodies the right type of energy. And this is one of those ways we can do it in a natural and effective way. Ok, I’ve said my bit, let’s move on.   

Helps With The Reduction Of Swelling And Bruising. The jade stone helps with the reduction of swelling and bruising around your joints and muscle areas. With ongoing use of the jade stone in conjunction with infrared heat, you can help with the reduction and healing process in these affected areas.  

Better And Healthier Looking Skin. It’s been said on a number of occasions that the jade stone is the youthfulness stone. This is because it has the ability to help with improving your skin. It’s said to have the ability to lower skin tension and smooth out any skin issues like wrinkles on your face. Yep, we all need that at some point in our lives. 

Better Brain Function. Using the jade stone can help with improving your brain functionality. If you think about it, everything that I’ve mentioned above helps the inner body. Your skin, immune system and your blood flow. 

If all this is in place and we have a well-balanced body, you’re going to have the ability to think and control your mind in a better way. If your body is in order, so should be your mind. Something to think about anyway.

The Tourmaline Crystal

Let’s now take a look at the tourmaline crystal. I have been mentioning it’s a stone but it’s actually a crystal.

The tourmaline crystal is also an excellent infrared heat conductor but is a different type of conductor. The tourmaline crystal mostly generates and emits what is called negative ions. 

These are different to the jade stone as these negative ions emit soothing and calming powers that can have an effect on the mind.

These calming effects can be very effective for anyone who is struggling to sleep, or suffer from insomnia, excess stress or anxiety or even suffer from depression.

Negative ions are said to also increase collagen levels, and also help with strengthening your immune and nervous system. 

You can see how there is a big difference between the jade stone and the tourmaline crystal in what they can offer in terms of health benefits. You can also see how it’s important to know the difference. 

So when you hear the term jade vs tourmaline heating pad you know there’s a big difference in what they offer and something you cannot compare. Having said that, let’s continue.

So if you’re looking for an infrared heating pad solution for the above health concerns you know from reading this article that investing in a heating pad that offers either one or both of these products will be the better option for you. 

If you’re after something especially for pain relief then a heating pad that has the jade stone embedded would be the go. Having said that are you after something for better sleep and based on mental health, having an infrared heating pad with the tourmaline crystal embedded might be a better option for you. 

You also can have the option of an infrared pad that does offer both, and in my opinion, that’s not a bad option. 

The Benefits Of Tourmaline crystal

Continuing on with the jade vs tourmaline heating pad debate we now come to the health benefits of the tourmaline crystal or stone. 

So let’s now take a look at the health benefits of the tourmaline stone in combination with infrared, this will be interesting as the tourmaline stone offers different health benefits over the jade stone.

It emits negative ions. This is where the two stones are very different. These negative ions that the stone emits are in fact very positive for us as they have a calming effect on our body and our mind, they can put us in a relaxed and calming state. 

These can as you’d expect can be very beneficial for anyone who leads a stressful life. That’s why these types of infrared heating pads are very popular in the meditation community. 


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