Why infrared heating pad is better for pain relief ?

Why infrared heating pad is better for pain relief ? 1Jade itself contains a variety of minerals, calcium, magnesium and other ingredients, plus carbon fiber heating and far infrared function of jade mattresses.

It is these two functions that will enable the full effect of the jade mattress. The far-infrared rays can be released by the carbon fiber heating element and the heated jade. The wavelength of 4 to 6 micrometers of the far-infrared rays is extremely important for the survival of human beings and the growth of all things. After infiltrating into the body, it will promote the deep temperature of the subcutaneous and accelerate the blood circulation. It is good for removing harmful substances in the body and has certain preventive and health effects on headache, insomnia and mental weakness.

The effect and function of jade mattress 

1, treatment of rheumatism

In the summer, most of the symptoms of rheumatoid patients have been alleviated. At this time, the patients are treated.

For example, warm combustion and magnetic therapy can enhance the patient’s constitution, clear the meridians, balance the yin and yang, and make the patient’s temper is strong, the liver is full, and the limbs are full of limbs. Only to be able to support, righteous and strong and evil can not invade, to help the rheumatoid patients, can play twice the result with half the effort. The jade mattress has deep warming moxibustion function on the human body, and it is a good opportunity to grasp the summer solar terms. The use of this kind of health function mattress can improve a variety of cold chronic diseases such as rheumatism and rheumatoid.

2, relieve fatigue

Jade mattresses have special effects in shortening the time of fatigue removal and sleep time by expanding capillaries and promoting metabolism, increasing brain blood volume.

For the office workers, due to lack of exercise, excessive drinking, smoking, busy work, lack of sleep and other reasons, the body is exhausted, has a certain effect. Use natural jade mattresses to reduce fatigue and restore vitality.

3, relieve the pain

The far infrared rays released by the jade mattress can promote blood circulation and enhance cell vitality. The use of negative ion potential therapy can effectively alleviate the pain and prevent various adult diseases. People who want to give their parents a filial piety naturally wave from natural jade mattresses, especially for the elderly with bone hypertension, diabetes, stroke, and gastrointestinal diseases.

4, beauty and beauty

One of the main reasons for wrinkles on the face and skin is that the human body cannot discharge the toxic substances accumulated in the skin in time. The infrared rays emitted by the jade mattress can expand the skin pores, and the toxic substances accumulated in the skin that cannot be discharged in time can be discharged to the outside of the body to maintain the elasticity and beauty of the skin.

5, maintenance brain

The jade mattress can effectively promote the metabolism of the human body. For those who often use the brain, it can timely supplement the blood of the brain by promoting the contraction rate of the pores and accelerating the circulation of blood, thereby alleviating the fatigue of the brain.

Why infrared heating pad is better for pain relief ? 2

Who are using UTK Far Infrared Heating pad?

UTK pads are widely used by Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Doctors, Wellness trainer, Chronic pain sufferers.

It promote healing with far-infrared therapy,enhance your deep-issue, comfort your muscles which bring you a better quality of wellness.


Who should not use jade mattresses?                                        

1. Patients with malignant tumors.

2, pregnant women or are in the menstrual period.

3. People who have bleeding or have a tendency to bleed.

4. People with acute diseases.

5. Serious heart disease patients.

6, patients with severe hypertension, and refused to take drugs to control blood pressure in patients.

7. Those who are being treated by doctors, especially those who feel abnormal in the body.

8. Medical electronic instruments embedded in the body, such as cardiac pacemakers.

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