How do you think amazon prime day?

What is Prime Day any way?/ What you get from Prime Day?

What is Prime Day?

Launched in 2015, Prime Day is a sitewide sales event on Amazon for Prime members only. For the past few years, Amazon has hosted an annual event called Prime Day in which the company offers millions of discounts on products it sells. The event is officially scheduled to being at midnight PT on July 15 and run for 48 hours, making it the longest one to date. Prime Day started back in 2015 and was a 24-hour event that kicked off at 3am ET and brought new deals with it every 5 to 10 minutes.

Over the years, this has evolved and grown, and last year Amazon offered over a million deals over the course of a 36 hour period, and has promised to do the same during this year’s event. In the past, Amazon has offered select periods of time and certain deals to be exclusive to users of its Voice Shopping services. These are done through an Alexa-enabled device like the Echo Dot, Fire TV, etc.

Why sellsers are keen to participate in this event?/What is the effect of Prime Day to Amazon Sllers?

Prime Day can be said to be a peak of traffic before the peak season, but also a major outbreak of summer products throughout the year. So what can sellers get from this activity?

1. Increase Brand Exposure and Sales

In the short term, prime day can increase your sales.

Sellers who participate in prime day events will see your products on various Amazon internal or external pages, and even on some emails, as well as TV, Internet and radio advertisements.

So you get a huge product and brand exposure, and on this day your sales may be worth your sales for a week or even a month. As statistic shown, UTK, a leading supplier of far infrared jade and tourmaline heating pad had sold more than 1000 units heating pads during Prime Day! And UTK Medium & Tourmaline heating pads were sold out during prime day.

2. Improve Listing Ranking and Get Review

In the long term, after participating in prime day, your product will stand out in the big category, and your ranking will be improved and your exposure will be enhanced.

And Amazon’s high-ranking buyers will participate in shopping on this day, so it is also an opportunity to obtain high-quality, high-weight reviews, but also a good chance to accumulate posts.

Does Prime Day have any influence to B2B business?

With the developement of Amazon, more and more sellers crush to sell products on Amazon, competetion among sellers is getting intense. In order to stand out on Amazon, sellers tend to Band Products. This greatly promote the developement of B2B wholesale. UTK Technology, a leading manufacturer of far infrared heating pad for pain relief and healthcare is a successful example for this trends!

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