The benefit of amethyst for health

The benefit of amethyst for health


What is amethyst?


Amethyst is the most popular purple variety of quartz, which is a semiprecious stone that is often used in jewelry and for healing purposes. This gemstone can be found in many locations around the world, which is renowned and favored for its stunning color. It has been sought after throughout the ages for its ability to stimulate the mind and emotions.

Amethyst derives its name from the Greek word ametusthos which means ‘not intoxicated’. For centuries, Amethyst has been thought to be useful in the prevention of drunkenness and overindulgence, which is why ancient Greeks wore amethyst and carved out drinking vessels from it. It was also used in ancient China as a powerful tool to clear negative energy and drive away the hazards of everyday life.  




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Amethyst Healing Benefits

Amethyst is a powerful and protective stone that has a wide range of benefits. It is a vessel that carries infrared light waves balancing negative Ion therapy. When heated, amethyst naturally emits negative ions and far infrared rays. Some doctors carry amethyst stone in their pockets to create a balance ambiance before the start of  therapy with patient. It is a great aid in therapies of sports injuries, joint pain and sleep nuances.


The amethyst stone balances the mind, body, and spirit, connecting them and setting your body up for holistic wellness.



Amethyst has a positive impact on a person's mind by relieving stress, stimulating new ideas, and enhancing psychic abilities. This stone helps you to deal with problems and calm yourself in facing chaos. Those who experience anxiety and nightmares can also benefit from this stone.



Amethyst carries a calming and serene energy that will help you unwind and relax. It soothes the body, reducing anxious nerves and restlessness. It is an excellent crystal to use when you feel jittery or wound up. It will ease your muscles and instantly help you feel more relaxed and peaceful and also helps with bruises and injuries. Amethyst is useful for people suffering from diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, disorders in cells and diseases of the digestive system




Amethyst cleanses the aura and protects against psychic attack and negative energy. Instead of merely shielding us from the negativity or boomeranging it back at its source, amethyst actually transmutes it into love. When heated amethyst transfers heat into far infrared rays that have a calming effect on the body, which helps moderate and lower stress and tension where applied. Amethyst carries a calming and serene energy that will help you unwind and relax. It soothes the body, reducing anxious nerves and stress restlessness.


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