Can far infrared heating pad assist your recovery from injury?

Can far infrared heating pad assist your recovery from injury?


What is Far Infrared Radiation or FIR?


The visible range of the suns light includes the our familiar rainbow of colors. But only 44% of the full spectrum of sunlight is in the visible range. Highfrequency ultraviolet rays make up 4% and can age skin prematurely or cause cancerous changes. Low-frequency infrared rays make up 52%. All living things on earth are subjected to parts of the electromagnetic spectrum on a daily basis. The radiation from the sun, which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, reaches the earth every day and without it life on earth would not exist! On the other hand, we can not expose too long under Suns rays. Because it will lead to damage on your skin and even cancer. While infrared light transmits more heat than ordinary light. FIR therapy uses far infrared light rays to provide some of the benefits of sunshine without direct exposure to the sun.


Far infrared radiation, used at the Injury Care Center, is accomplished typically through the use of a FIR heating mat that is provided for safe, effective and controlled use at home as an adjunct to formal medical care, including physical therapy or chiropractic. The mat is impregnated with special diodes that produce this light wave. This system provides a heating component to the injured tissues such as pulled muscles, sprains, strains, herniated discs suffered in a car accident or work injury for example.Depending on the type of injury, use of far infrared technology can speed up your healing process by up to three weeks.


How does infrared therapy help injured athletes?


1)Far infrared can decreases joint stiffness directly.

Far infrared can be successful in helping joints to move more freely. It can work just as well on recently traumatized or chronically injured joints.


2)It can relieve muscle spasms.

Muscle spasms have long been observed to lessen through the use of heat, even when the spasms are secondary to underlying skeletal, joint or neuropathological conditions. Far infrared heat can be used to reset the nerves of the sensory system found within all muscles and tendons. It can also help tone down the muscle spasms.


3)It can help with swelling and inflammation.

The benefits of far infrared therapy are that they reduce the discomfort of pain and inflammation while promoting blood flow and the body’s own tissue repair mechanisms.


All in all, If you suffered an injury from sports , using infrared therapy every other day, your down time from injury can be reduced, allowing you to get back to your game much faster by . This is possible because far infrared rays may help reduce the severity of symptoms from torn muscle fibers, pulled tendons, inflammation, bruises (contusions) or ligaments injuries.


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