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Jade Stones Can Make Wonders

Jade infrared heating pads are essentially used to alleviate nearly all types of pain. An infrared pad also enhances metabolism, detoxifies the body, decrease high blood pressure, reduce inflammation and much more.

Unlike other heating pads which only heat the surface of the skin, an infrared heating pad produces infrared rays which have the ability to penetrate deep into the body. Even so, it is worth noting here that these rays are 100% safe as they are not UV-rays which cause skin cancer and sunburn.

These healing rays can offer several benefits for the user. Here are a few…

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Benefits of a Jade Infrared Heating Pad

Pain Relief

If you have an infrared pad in your house – you have a natural pain reliefavailable to you at whatever time you need it. The pad helps to give a tender and steady pulse of healing energy.

This is the natural source of energy that is required to survive and grow. Having this natural energy within the body helps with expanding blood vessels and enhancing blood flow, which helps the body to heal itself. It is a process that can help relieve virtually all types of pain such as back and neck pain.

Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging and Detoxification

The increased blood circulation promotes the supply of oxygen rich blood throughout the body.

Improved circulation also enhances the removal of body’s metabolic waste products – detoxifying the entire system. The heat from the pad will also cause the user to sweat, which helps the body to remove potentially poisonous substances, such as alcohol, cholesterol, nicotine and sulphuric acid.

This invaluable benefit is one of the primary reasons that so many spas provide infrared beauty treatment. The ability of the pad to detoxify the body happens to benefit your skin as well. As the skin sweats and releases toxins, the dead skin cells also fall off, leaving it shiny and perfectly clean.


Jade infrared heating pads give off a mild and safe heat. Children and pets can touch the surface of a Jade infrared heating pad without getting burned.

This may not be true with other heating pads such electric pads. And since these pads do not utilize electricity, the user can save as much as 50% on heating cost.

Stress Reduction and Great Sleep

The ability of the infrared pad to release a gentle heat in order to relax muscles makes it an excellent stress relief aid. It gives the same feeling of lying on the beach in the afternoon – neither too cold nor too hot – just perfect for a great sleep.

Other Health Benefits of Jade infrared heating pads

An infrared heating pad is just not designed for people suffering from muscle spasms or back pain.

It also benefits patients who suffer from the following: constipation, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Golfer’s Elbow, Neck Pain, Hip Pain, Hypertension and Rotator Cuff Tendonitis.

Despite the immense benefit of a jade infrared heating pad, it is worth noting that there are certain people who shouldn’t use this heating pad. People who have open wounds, women who are pregnant and people who have diabetes are not allowed to use infrared heating pads.