Your Must-Have To Stay Warm At Home This Winter


Your Must-Have To Stay Warm At Home This Winter


It’s getting cold outside and you are sitting freezing at home. What you need is an electric blanket. The electric blanket is a godsend for people who are afraid of the cold. Besides, sitting under a warm electric blanket to watch TV, you can also put it on top of bedding at night. Feel warm and cozy as the temperature drops. But there are a few things to note when shopping for an electric blanket. Take a look at the shopping guide below for details.

Precautions and usage tips

1. Power:
Electric blankets are available in single or double sizes. 60W is ideal for one person and 120W-150W for two. Note that the higher the power of the electric blanket is not necessarily, the better. It depends mainly on the number of users.
2. Electric blanket size:

Select one that is right for the size of your bed. Do not fold the electric blanket when in use and do not put it under bedding or a mattress as this could cause the heating wire to curl and be damaged.

Your Must-Have To Stay Warm At Home This Winter 1
3. Temperature settings:

Some electric blankets are equipped with a thermostat so if the room temperature increases, the electric blanket automatically switches off. But when the temperature drops below a certain point, the blanket automatically heat ups. This avoids disrupting your sleep because of changing temperatures. This type is safe and convenient to use.

Your Must-Have To Stay Warm At Home This Winter 2
4. Safety features:

Some electric blankets come with overheating protection and timer function which switches off the electric blanket at a pre-set time to avoid affecting your sleep quality. This type is relatively safe to use.
5. Easy to clean:

Electric blankets are similar to bed sheets and pillowcases as they are susceptible to sweat and stains during use so choose ones that are easy to clean. 

Safety tips

1. Do not pierce the electric blanket with pins or other sharp objects or let pets claw the blanket to avoid damage to the heating wires inside.
2. Never use a hot water bottle while using an electric blanket to avoid the risk of electric shock should moisture form the bottle come in contact with the heat controls.
3. Some electric blankets are washable by machine or by hand. Remember to remove the power cord before washing. When washing by hand, gently wash to avoid damage the heating wires inside.
4. Most electric blankets come with different temperature settings. If an electric blanket is turned on all night, there is a risk of burns. The correct way to use an electric blanket is to turn it on before going to bed and turn down the temperature or turn it off when you sleep. 

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