What is tourmaline stones?

The tourmaline steam room is based on the traditional steam room, using high-quality tourmaline as raw material. The tourmaline experience room is also called the cell bath hall\Korean steam room. The tourmaline cell bath originated in South Korea, from the ancient Yellow mud steaming has evolved into a new generation of high-tech, high-efficiency, and multi-purpose cell baths. Daehan Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with South Korea and increased the development efforts on this basis, turning expensive noble consumption into an experience center enjoyed by most people. This is a pioneering work at home and abroad, and it also greatly reduces the cost of Without investment, the development of this project will inevitably lead to an innovation in the concept of health. The tourmaline experience room is a variety of building materials processed using "liquid" tourmaline. The built-up constant temperature room controls the room temperature between 35 degrees and 42 degrees. . Through heating and heat preservation, the energy of "liquid" tourmaline can be released quickly and strongly in the form of far-infrared rays, negative ions and micro-currents. The energy field they form together can provide energy to the human body indirectly through the air, making human cells Transform from a dormant state to an active state, speed up the blood circulation and metabolism of the human body, expel toxins from the body, balance the pH of the human body, and supplement new nutrients, thus playing the role of health care and treatment. Some materials used in the tourmaline sweat steaming room: tourmaline raw ore (beautiful, crystallized better, to give customers an intuitive understanding), tourmaline superfine powder (300-6000 mesh), tourmaline negative ion powder (white), tourmaline Ceramic balls. Tourmaline sets, tourmaline breasts, tourmaline underwear, tourmaline hot compresses. Equipped according to specific conditions.


Trial crowd:


1. Improve the human body's survival temperature, prevent premature aging, and sub-healthy people who lack energy


2. Rehabilitation after illness, postpartum rehabilitation, nervous mental workers, physical exertion workers


3. Skin beautification, weight loss, breast enhancement, breast enhancement, facial microcirculation improvement, antibacterial beauty


Tourmaline steam room has the following effects:


1. Increase the oxygen content of the blood, improve the microcirculation of the human body, comprehensively improve body functions and enhance immunity.


2. Lowering fat and blood pressure


Continuous release of natural ions. It can eliminate harmful substances such as sediment in the body, purify the blood, dilate peripheral capillaries, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, relieve capillary spasm, and achieve the effect of lowering blood lipids and blood pressure.


3. Beauty and body


Through strong penetration, activation, and metabolism, it can effectively penetrate the deep layer of the skin, activate deep cells, accelerate the blood flow of the face and the whole body, excrete some shock necrotic cells, and release a large number of ions to make the facial cells full of vitality. , to achieve the unique effects of firming, rejuvenating, revitalizing and brightening skin. Long-term use can effectively prevent facial skin aging, smooth wrinkles, and make the face smooth and moist. Promote metabolism and improve microcirculation.


4. Sterilization and health care


Massage health care, sterilization, eliminate fatigue. Expelling wind and cold, consolidating essence and protecting the body, nourishing yin and nourishing kidney and other functions


5. It has a therapeutic effect on chronic diseases and sub-health


6. It has a good effect on sleep and neurasthenia


Seven, a single experience has obvious effects.


Eighth, people who are in good health experience the Toma Khan steaming room, which can not only strengthen their bodies, but also have a good effect on beauty and skin rejuvenation, especially for women. Overview


Five special effects:


1. Radiate far-infrared rays to promote metabolism and improve microcirculation The wavelength of "light" is 4--14 micron far-infrared, which is similar to the wavelength of far-infrared rays emitted by the human body. It can produce the most effective "resonance" with the water molecules in the cells in the body. During the resonance, the cell membrane vibrates 200~240 times per second. Second-rate. At the same time, it has permeability and can effectively promote the growth and division of cells.


The frequency of radiating far-infrared rays is 1000--2000 times that of jade, which can promote metabolism, improve microcirculation, and speed up the fluidity of blood in microvessels. The human body accepts tourmaline's far-infrared rays, which can improve the body's self-healing ability, immunity and resistance, such as cold limbs, numb hands and feet, insufficient blood supply, dizziness, purpura, and body pain caused by poor microcirculation. Under the action of far infrared, the human body expands the capillaries, and most of the substances in the blood are water. With the acceleration of blood fluidity, the increase of water dilutes the blood, reduces blood viscosity and blood fat, and is also an important factor for the improvement of microcirculation. factor. Some people say that the blood of the young is like water, and the blood of the elderly is like oil. Tourmaline products are especially suitable for middle-aged and elderly friends to avoid the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


2. Bioelectric field finger pressure therapy, skin conditioning, preventive health care In 1880, the Curie family revealed the secret of this gem, and found that both ends of the crystal have positive and negative charges, and a microcurrent of 0.06 mA flows on the surface. A huge electromagnetic field is formed around him. If one cubic centimeter of tourmaline is smashed into hundreds of millions of small tourmalines, it is equivalent to forming hundreds of millions of magnetic fields, so it has the name "tourmaline". In fact, this gemstone is the only mineral with permanent electrodes that is rare on the earth. According to the law of energy conservation, as long as the universe exists, the weak electromagnetic field formed by tourmaline gemstones will continue to circulate. There is a large and weak magnetic field between the south pole and the north pole of the earth. The human body sleeps along the north-south direction of the geomagnetic field for a long time, which can make the cells of human organs orderly, which is conducive to the adjustment and improvement of organ functions. When the human body is in a relatively static state or in an active state, it has potential and changes in potential. Tourmaline electrode micro-current has the function of regulating the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system and cerebral cortex cells, which is helpful for improving heart and brain diseases, neurasthenia, It has significant curative effect on autonomic disorders such as insomnia and forgetfulness. When the bioelectric current acts on the meridians and acupuncture points of the human body, it will cause the bioelectric effect of the human body to achieve stimulating effects such as acupuncture and acupressure, thereby balancing yin and yang, relaxing tendons and collaterals, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. Based on these principles, tourmaline has been used in various daily necessities and clothing to relieve and treat waist and leg pain, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc. Brazilian energy stone sports health hat can relieve headaches and dizziness, and has a certain improvement effect on nerve paralysis, neurasthenia, cerebrovascular, brain tumor, migraine, tinnitus and other diseases.


5. Purify water quality, change water molecular clusters, easily enter cells, and facilitate absorption


Let's take a look at the tap water first. Tap water flows into the user's home after simple filtration, sedimentation, and bleaching powder sterilization. Bacteria breed in the pool and are subject to secondary pollution, so the tap water cannot be drunk directly; some people say that I can boil the water before drinking it. Indeed, the tap water has been sterilized by high temperature to kill the bacteria in the water, but after it is completely boiled , the dissolved oxygen, minerals, trace elements, etc. that are useful to the human body in the water are also lost. It is called "dead water". What about purified water? Pure water is a kind of clean water, but it is not healthy water. It does not contain minerals useful to the human body. Moreover, pure water is acidic, which is not good for health. As early as 1997, the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission issued a suggestion: "Primary and middle school students should not drink pure water." What about mineral water? Mineral water is a good drinking water. It contains minerals and does not contain harmful substances, but the pH value is unstable, and the trace elements contained are not necessarily beneficial to the human body. Adding tourmaline granules to tap water can remove chlorine gas in the tap water, thereby changing the acidity of the water. It is a powerful permanent electrode that electrolyzes large molecular cluster water into small molecular cluster water, because small molecular cluster water is conducive to the absorption of cells , with far-infrared rays and a wave frequency of more than 300 times per second, so that the water has a high oxygen content and produces good and activated water that truly meets the health requirements. Retain minerals, trace elements and dissolved oxygen to produce weakly alkaline, small molecular group active water, which is truly beneficial to human health. Through filtration and soaking, the natural trace beneficial mineral elements are slowly released into the water, thus producing The water tastes sweet, has strong solubility and penetration, and becomes a kind of "activated mineral spring" that simulates natural ecology. Eliminates oily skin and has a bactericidal effect. The miners said: After the miners in the tourmaline mine suffered flesh injuries, they often washed their hands with the river water soaked in tourmaline, and the wounds healed unexpectedly and quickly without any other auxiliary treatment. What is especially amazing is that tourmaline also has the function of "creating beautiful women". This story takes place in the tourmaline mine in Brazil. Although the environment in that remote place was harsh, the women who came out were all beautiful, especially their skin, which was extremely soft and smooth. In Brazil's beauty pageants, the girls here have repeatedly won the championship, becoming Brazil's famous "beauty country". The secret behind this beautiful legend is that these girls washed their faces with the stream water soaked in tourmaline. This also shows that tourmaline has a good cosmetic effect.

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