What are the benefits of magnetic therapy? How Does Magnet Therapy Work?

What is Magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is applying static magnets that produce a therapeutic magnetic field for pain relief and recovery for a variety of issues.


Today many people use magnet therapy for pain management. Health professionals such as physiotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, neurologists, nutritionists, sports performance trainers, vets and rehabilitation centers might be surprised with the latest advancements in magnetic therapy.rared light treatment at acupuncture points, increased the serotonin levels of patients, improving the participants’ mood. In another study, rats that were exposed to long-term infrared light treatment reduced some negative behaviors such as anxiety and depression.



What are the benefits of magnetic therapy?

Magnetic therapy is used to alleviate pain and has many health benefits. It has been studied as adjunct therapy for treating symptoms of multi sclerosis (MS), osteo and rheumatoid arthritis​1​, tissue​2​ and bone​3​ injury, neuropathy​4​, psychiatric disorders, sleep​5​, stress, genital pain, post-polio pain, pain syndroms and many more conditions. These benefits might naturally occur due to the anti-inflammatory effects that magnetic therapy provides.


Effects purported by users and practitioners of magnetic therapy are:


Increased circulation for old injuries

Reduced circulation and less swelling for sprains and strains and other acute injuries  

Reduced inflammation

Correction of energy imbalances

Enhanced immune function

More restful sleep

Stress relief

Reduced or cessation of pain.

To get better knowledge about the benefits of magnetic therapy please refer to our articles in the blog section.


In order to experience substantial benefits by using magnetic therapy, it’s important to learn about magnetic devices that are specially developed, based on science to provide such benefits.


How Does Magnet Therapy Work?

A commonly held misconception is that magnets attract the iron in the blood, thus moving the blood and stimulating circulation.

However, because iron in the blood is bound to hemoglobin, it is not free to respond to a magnetic field. Static magnets could affect charged particles in the blood, nerves, and cell membranes or subtly alter biochemical reactions. 

However, biophysicists are skeptical that commercially available static magnets are strong enough to significantly affect the body. 

One trial found that commercially available static magnets have no effect on blood flow. Another found hints that static magnets might affect muscle metabolism, but further research is needed to sort out this possibility.


What Is the Scientific Evidence for Magnet Therapy?

Static magnets have not shown too much promise in studies, but the evidence is not yet conclusive. 

For example, a trial of 119 people with fibromyalgia compared 2 commercially available magnetic mattress pads against sham treatment and no treatment. 

Sham mattresses still had magnets in them and they matched the appearance of the mattresses used in the test treatment, but the magnets had little or no force. 

Participants in the treatment groups, especially the group with negative polarity magnets, showed a hint of greater improvement of pain symptoms. 

However, the differences between real treatment and sham or no treatment generally failed to reach statistical significance. This outcome means that the benefits seen could have been due to chance.


Other studies have evaluated magnet therapy for a variety of conditions, with mixed results. Some conditions include:


Rheumatoid arthritis

Post polio syndrome

Peripheral neuropathy


Carpal tunnel syndrome

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