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The questions you may concern about Infrared heating pad


The questions you may concern about Infrared heating pad

Nowadays, Heat therapy is widely used in pain relief. Infrared heating pad is one of the forms of it. There are so many benefits about infrared heating pads. But you may have some questions to ask and want to know more about it.

Here are seven most common questions you may concern and corresponding answers for your reference:

1.What is the difference between a regular heating pad and a Far Infrared Heating pad?

A Far infrared heating pad uses FIR (Far Infrared Therapy) to penetrate muscle tissue whereas regular heating pads do not. With this unique kind of therapy, you can reach tissue as deep as 3 inches.

The questions you may concern about Infrared heating pad  1

2.What does an infrared heating pad treat?

Many things! These heating pads are great for boosting circulation and relaxing muscle tissue. They also can help to detoxify your body, especially when made with certain gemstones. These features all make infrared heating pads are a great tool for overall stress relief.


3.What purpose does crystals/gem serve in an infrared heating pad?

These stones serve as pathways for heat. They allow for the pad to smoothly and gently warm up. Some stones are also facilitators of negative ion therapy.


4.What exactly is negative ion therapy?

Negative ion therapy is a natural way to detoxify your body. The therapy emits negative ions, known to neutralize free radicals and airborne allergens that can harm our bodies. This therapy can result in a better metabolism and immune system function.


5.Can you sleep on an infrared heating pad?

Yes, you can definitely sleep on an infrared heating pad. Make sure you keep the temperature low. Some heating pads have handy timers so that you can manage how long your heating pad stays on before you snooze.

The questions you may concern about Infrared heating pad  2

6.Does an infrared heating pad emit any form of radiation?

Far infrared heating pads do not emit any UV radiation. However, since they are heating pads, they do emit EMFs. But, at an exceptionally low rate. Plus, these heating pads typically have special layers to further protect your body from EMF exposure.


7.Can a Far Infrared Heating pad burn you?

No, it is very difficult to burn yourself on a heating pad. Naturally, if you feel as if your skin is too hot and you are in pain, stop the heat therapy immediately.



Infrared heating pads are a superb way to rid stress from your life and ultimately boost your health. It is a natural form of therapy that provides endless benefits for everyone. If you are a fitness lover or dealing with a high-stress promotion, or you are a chiropractor, or a spa, wellness spa, yoga, acupuncture center owner, these infrared heating pads have your back. All you need to do is to find a few moments (or hours) to sit back and let its power heal you or provide to your client . Fortunately, there are tons of heating pad options out there to suit your needs. Finding the right heating pad will add relaxation to your life without the hassle. Who doesn’t want to feel happier and healthier all the time? We know we do!


UTK offers many kinds of infrared heating pads for your choice.

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