Infrared Amethyst Mat


Infrared Amethyst Mat


Benefits and Information:

Benefits from the hot amethyst stone, far infrared, negative ion mat are numerous. It relieves pain, helps to burn calories, eases joint pain and stiffness, reduces stress and fatigue, improves skin, alkalizes and purifies the blood, revives cells, helps with sleep and relaxation, helps after workouts recovery, induces sweating with sauna-like action, stimulates metabolism, helps with menopause, andropause, and the hormonal system, fights abdominal and visceral fat, helps with insomnia, post traumatic stress, and trauma recovery, helps remove toxins and assists in detoxification, improves circulation and cardiovascular function, and improves immune system function.

The far infrared amethyst mat uses far infrared light, the sun's spectrum most healing radiant heat. The rays penetrate deep into the body and are amplified and geometrically structured through release of amethyst superconductor power absorbed during millions of years from the earth and minerals. Negative ions are delivered by the mat directly to the body through the skin surface. The mat generates anions known for relieving stress and encouraging relaxation while infrared rays create intense deep impact heat boosting the metabolism, improving blood circulation, and supporting the body and mind on a path to improved health and well being.

Benefits in Detail:

When negative ions are exposed into the body from the mat, calcium and sodium circulating in the blood become ionized, changing the blood pH into a more alkaline state and having an overall alkalizing effect on the body. When negative ions in the blood increase, the cell membranes open. Cellular metabolism is facilitated, which results in an increase in cellular nutrient uptake, hydration, and cellular waste secretion. Cell functions are rapidly revived. It prevents cell negative potential from falling too low and depolarizing, keeps allowing nutrients, oxygen, and water in and waste and carbon dioxide out, prevents too much sodium and hydrogen from staying in the cell, and cancerous transformation. Maintaining a healthy negative level of cell potential is important for our well being. Amethyst blocks excessive ions and organizes them into the patterns with the highest biocompatibility and healing effects. Amethyst is also known for producing negative ions even when the mat is off. These negative ions are absorbed by breathing as well as directly conducted into the body through the whole surface of the skin in contact with the mat, which is very effective and helps recharge and rejuvenate us.

Amethyst helps produce the healthiest negative ions synergistic to infrared heat therapy. It is also called a superconductor of infrared rays because of its ability to absorb heat energy in the wide wave length range and then isolate, amplify, and emit infrared rays in the narrow far infrared and medium infrared range that is very valuable for healing. Amethyst delivers the steadiest, most biocompatible, and most absorbable rays for healing. The amethyst mat emits both far infrared and medium infrared heat with 93% efficiency in the best utilized by the human body wave range of 4-16 microns, also called a life or bioresonance range.

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As the mat emits far and mid infrared rays efficiently in the most absorbable and biocompatible wave length range for humans, the rays are refracted by the amethyst to penetrate up to 6 inches deep into the body. These rays, called crystal or bio-resonance, activate the body's own healing abilities and stimulate cellular energy stations called mitochondria to burn calories and produce more heat. Amethyst crystal emits a wavelength believed to enhance the vital cellular activity. Amethyst is an amplifier providing the healthiest far and mid infrared light waves and the special nano vibrational frequencies with the maximum healing capabilities into the body. The infrared light emitted or refracted by the amethyst crystals generates the most bioavailable and biocompatible heat deeply penetrating into the body tissues, helping the body heal and maintain its health.

Thermal therapy has a great potential for healing and anti-aging, and infrared energy radiated by amethyst crystals is the best source of such healthful heat. The deep penetrating bio-resonance crystal rays stimulate our body's own ability to generate heat as hot amethysts wake the cell power station (mitochondria) activity and cause a stable rise of body core temperature within 8-12 hours after the session. When body temperature increases, the cellular regeneration mechanisms are activated, toxins and wastes are eliminated by sweating, and resistance to disease is increased. Whole body hyperthermia has been used for healing purposes and anti-aging since ancient India. Modern scientists think hypothermia, or low body temperature, may be the cause of many diseases, including cancer, and that a 1 degree C or 1.8 degree F increase of body temperature may improve the body's immune function by 40%, enhance the production of enzymes and hormones by up to 50%, and stimulate the metabolic processes up to 12%, increasing the number of calories burned and increasing fat loss.

Heat therapy using far infrared, nature's most healing heat, is based on using infrared light, the healthiest part of invisible sunlight that transfers only the heat without any ultraviolet rays or harmful radiation. These deep impact rays gently heal, stimulate, and detox the physical body, as well as the mind. Far infrared heat helps boost the metabolism and relax the nervous system. It provides deep muscle and tissue therapy while soothing nerves, increasing circulation, assisting in detoxification, as well as reducing stress, depressions, and some types of pain. The far infrared rays are refracted and magnified by the special layers by the thick layer of small natural amethyst crystals to penetrate several inches deep into the inner tissues, muscles, and bones with efficiency even greater than an infrared sauna.

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