How to Choose the Best Heated Blanket?


How to Choose the Best Heated Blanket? 1If you’re shopping for an electric heated blanket, you know that there are many products to choose from. Not all heated blankets are created equally. How do you choose the best-heated blanket? You’ll want to look at several criteria before making your decision.

Some things to consider when buying a heated blanket are:

  • Timer controls
  • Comfort
  • Heating coils
  • Style and size
  • Sustainability
  • Value

Make Sure You Have Timer Controls

While every heated blanket has a heat settings control, not every blanket has a timer control as well. One of the only issues with electric blankets is the duration of the heating session. Doctors recommend that you don’t leave your blanket on indefinitely because this would result in overheating and can also pose a potential safety risk.

A timer control on your heated blanket solves this problem. It lets you set the duration of your session. When you have the power to choose how long your blanket heating settings are operational, you can nap in ease with the knowledge that the blanket will automatically turn off. Without these timer controls, you’ll need to set an alarm or other reminder to turn off the blanket. There’s nothing relaxing about that. So when in doubt, go with the electric blanket that has the timer controls and you’ll be glad you did.

Choose a Heated Blanket that is Comfortable

Comfort is a key factor in any home goods purchase and your heated blanket should be no exception. Your blanket should be made of soft materials and be sized right so you can get the most out of your relaxation. Whether you’re napping or just looking to take a break, your heated blanket should be a reliable, durable, and cozy companion.

Choose a Heated Blanket with the Latest (and Greatest) Heating Coils

Most heated blankets have heating coils in them that generate heat. But not all coils are the same. Some heating coils are bulky and thick, which can be annoying and limit your comfort. This problem is especially pronounced in thinner heated blankets and can cause a subpar user experience. 

What is Invisiwire technology? Invisiwire coils are incredibly thin, as thin as a spider’s web. You won’t even notice these heated coils but they’ll be doing the work of keeping you warm. This technology is a first of its kind innovation that has never been available on the market before.

Make It Stylish

In the past there were fewer heated blanket options. But a heated blanket is a home goods accessory just like your throw pillows and should speak to your personal style. In other words, your blanket should be functional but also look good, too. It should look just as good on your couch as it feels when you warm it up.

Make Sure the Manufacturer Promotes Sustainability

Everyone knows that a heated blanket is a sustainable choice. By turning up your heated blanket, you can turn down your thermostat and reduce your carbon footprint. But you also want to make sure that you’re supporting a manufacturer who is committed to sustainability, too.

Because of our commitment to sustainability, Warmee is partnering with SeaTrees, an organization that supports and promotes the planting and protecting of blue-carbon coastal ecosystems.

Get the Most Value in a Heated Blanket

Relaxation has never been more important in these hectic times. Think of a heated blanket as an investment in self care. You want to get the most value from your purchase. That means a blanket made out of quality materials, that is durable and has all the features you need to get the most out of your relaxation.

How to Choose the Best Heated Blanket? 2How to Choose the Best Heated Blanket? 3

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