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Far Infrared Physiotherapy Mattress

A far infrared photothermal blanket, comprising a blanket body and a control unit; Wherein: the blanket body comprises an infrared heating core and a fireproof layer coated on the outside of the infrared heating core; The infrared heating core is a heat conducting layer with a sheet structure made of graphene, and the thickness of the heat conducting layer is 0.1mm; The control unit comprises a temperature detector, an external power supply and a controller; Wherein, the control unit comprises a temperature detector, an external power supply and a controller; The temperature detector is in contact with the infrared heating core for detecting the current temperature of the infrared heating core and transmitting the detected temperature signal to the controller; The controller turns on or off the external power supply and the photothermal blanket according to the received temperature signal. The photothermal blanket of the invention realizes the heating of human health and has the advantages of safety and energy saving

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The utility model relates to a far-infrared heating quilt and blanket, which comprises a quilt cover, a thermal insulation layer and a heating device. An electric heating device is arranged on the thermal insulation layer in the quilt cover, which is configured by connecting a power supply with a wire, a controller and a heating body to form an electrical circuit. Any track of the heating body is arranged and sewn on natural and / or chemical fiber fabrics, The power supply is configured with an output voltage of 6V 36V, which is safe and reliable, and can be directly covered on or under the human body; The controller is controlled by pulse width modulation. It has temperature, overcurrent and overvoltage protection circuits and controls the on-off of the output current of the circuit, so as to effectively avoid the danger of abnormal overtemperature, and realize the free selection and adjustment of the temperature of the heating body. It has good temperature regulation effect, high thermal efficiency and strong adaptability. Carbon fiber has specific far-infrared heat conduction, convection and radiation performance, Even if it is radiated by the far - infrared of the blanket, it is warm and comfortable, forming a harmonious unity with human heat

The electric heating pad is a device that heats the body through the heat generated by the electric heating pad. It is suitable for the mechanism to re warm the low body temperature and keep warm. The cushion has various specifications and can be suitable for different needs. Carbon fiber heating, uniform heat dissipation, plug and play, convenient operation. Physical cooling is applied to patients with encephalitis, brain edema, intracerebral hemorrhage, brain trauma, intracranial hypertension, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, high fever convulsion and high fever. Especially for craniocerebral injury and mild hypothermia before and after operation. It is mainly used for mild hypothermia treatment.

Physiotherapy blanket can produce far-infrared rays beneficial to people, promote people's circulation and increase body. It is the only choice for family heating and decoration. In the long-term power on state, it has no power attenuation, small thermal inertia, low coefficient of thermal expansion, rapid heating and rapid heat dissipation, and will not produce overheating or spontaneous combustion. The physiotherapy blanket has excellent heat resistance, acid resistance and corrosion resistance. The far infrared radiation rate is high, of which 2 18 are beneficial to people The far infrared ray of M reaches more than 85%, and the heat is radiated outward in the form of far infrared ray, which has an effect on the body. The far-infrared carbon fiber electric blanket has functions. The carbon fiber heating avoids the generation of electromagnetic field. There is no electromagnetic wave and the far-infrared emissivity is high, of which 2 18 are beneficial to people The far infrared ray of M reaches more than 85%, and the heat is radiated outward in the form of far infrared ray, which has an effect on the body.

Far infrared physiotherapy mattress

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Sunlight can be roughly divided into visible light and invisible light. Visible light will refract purple, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange and red light (spectrum) after passing through the prism. The light outside the red light, with a wavelength from 0.76 to 400 microns in the spectrum, is called infrared light, also known as infrared. In the infrared, the wavelength is 4 to 16 microns. This band is very important for human survival and the growth of all things. It is known as "life nurtures light", which is called far infrared. Some household appliances and power heating equipment not only bring convenience to people's daily life, but also produce electromagnetic waves that are harmful to people. Harmful electromagnetic waves can have adverse effects on human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system, visual system and reproductive system.

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