Who are using UTK far infrared heating pad and what is their feedback of it?


Who are using UTK far infrared heating pad and what is their feedback of it? 1

In this article, I would love to share some information about UTK far infrared heating pad which maybe helpful to you when you choose a heating pad for pain relief. This article includes two parts: I will, in the first part, introduce our target customer types–that’s who are using UTK far infrared jade and tourmaline heating mat; in the second part, to share customer reviews of UTK heating pad.

Who are using UTK far infrared heating pads?

Chiropractic Clinic/Medical Office: PROMOTE HEALING with far-infrared therapy for CHRONIC PAIN RELIEF

Massage Therapy Center: Enhance your deep-tissue, SOOTHE YOUR MUSCLES

Yoga & Reiki center: Maintain WELLNESS AND BALANCE

Fitness club: REPLENISH your energy post-workout

Pain Sufferers: Enjoy INFRARED TREATMENTS at home


How do they think of UTK far infrare heating mat?

Chiropractic Wellness Center:

UTK heating pads have been a substantial help in all of our detoxification protocols.  Whether it is the liver, kidney, or ovaries all castor packing programs are enhanced 10X with the far infrared heat.”


“You can earn an additional revenue if you decide to include it as a treatment in it’s own right, or you could add extra benefits by incorporating the pad into your existing therapies or you may decide to have small pad available in your relaxation areas for your guests to use before, after or in between their treatments.”

Medical Office:

“We have a technology in our office called Back on Trac. This is a technology that requires the patient to lie down for a period of time while a machine creates disc space and goes through range of motion for patients with mid and low back pain. We put the infrared heating pads on those machines so the patient also receives infrared treatment while utilizing the Back on Trac.”

Massage therapist and Rehabilitative exercise specialist:

“I use these in my practice and they are AMAZING!These have added so much value in pain relief for myself and many of my clients!I use them during my foot detoxes at our facility.The ionic foot baths… I believe they really help the active detoxification process by warming the core temp!”

Fitness Club:

UTK Infrared Jade Mats have become an important tool in my training, and I’ve found them to be very helpful in a variety of conditions and applications.

• I use the Small UTK Jade Mats under the RolPal Mat to add heat to the massage and stretching effect of the mat.

• I use the Large UTK Jade Mat under client’s back to warm up the core muscles, and reduce back pain and stiffness.

• UTK Jade Mat’s help with reducing soreness, increasing flexibility and injury prevention.

• UTK Jade Mat on the massage table creates instant relaxation, reduces stress and improves circulation during treatment.

• Clients have reported that their UTK Jade Mat helps them sleep better.

I always tell my clients, friends, and professional colleagues about the benefits of using UTK Jade Mats, for training, healing, and relaxation. I use my UTK Jade Mats year-round, but especially in winter, when clients get chilled to the bone.

The way’s in which I’ve incorporated UTK Jade Mat’s into my training practice is one element that makes Prudent Fitness a wonderful place to come for training, healing, and learning to take care of yourself.

We are so grateful that there are many customers support UTK all the time! We strive to develop more new heating pads to help people live better and better.

UTK Technology is a leading manufacturer /supplier of far infrared jade and tourmaline heating pad for pain relief and healthcare. Partners from all over the world is warmely welcomed to buld a long term and mutual benefit friendship.

Any inquiry, please email to Amber at UTKHEATPAD@UTKTECHNOLOGY.COM, or you can click following links to add me as your friends.


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