Infrared Heat Therapy Works With Chiropractic

Infrared Heat Therapy Works With Chiropractic

What usually comes to your mind when you think about chiropractic treatments? I know I tend to gravitate towards thoughts of massage, manual manipulations, and spinal adjustments, and I’m sure this is what most people think of when they consider chiropractic care as well. While these are all the most commonly associated treatments and method options available to patients who choose to see a doctor of chiropractic, there are more than a few other supplementary treatment options that can be used in conjunction with these therapies.

Fortunately, all treatments that are related to chiropractic care are completely natural and non invasive. What’s more is that they are virtually risk and pain free when they are performed by a licensed and trained doctor of chiropractic.

In addition to such unique therapy treatments as traction therapy, cold laser therapy, and pelvic stabilization therapy, there is one more technique that a doctor of chiropractic may want to use as a treatment, depending on a patient’s specific condition and tolerance levels. As pointed out by a great and highly informative article by Spine Health, that therapy method is known as infrared radiation therapy.

Now, I know the term ‘radiation’ is generally a pretty concerning one, as it brings up images of gas masks, cancer treatments, and even bombs and the like. However, infrared radiation therapy can be used in a chiropractic setting as a helpful and pain free technique to speed up healing time and improve mobility while reducing pain or soreness that may have been caused by an acute injury or a chronic pain related condition.

To perform this type of therapy, a licensed doctor of chiropractic will start by using a thermal imaging camera to determine how and where the blood is flowing throughout the body. These images will help a doctor of chiropractic determine any abnormal disturbances to blood flow or unusual temperature changes in the body. From here, the near-infrared light therapy, or NIR, can use light and heat to treat many conditions. NIR has been proven to encourage protein synthesis and increase the circulation of blood, nutrients, and oxygen throughout the body. NIR therapy also works to speed up healing times after injuries by directly stimulating the mitochondria so that they work to repair the nearby and damaged cells at a much faster rate than what was previously occurring.

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1.Relieve Pain

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3.Enhance Blood Circulation

4.Help Muscular Relaxation

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1.Far infrared ray heating

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Infrared Heat Therapy Works With Chiropractic 1

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