How Far Infrared Heating Pad Can Help you Ease Your Back and Neck Pain and How to Select the Good Heating Pad for you?

With Good Selling and Public Praise,This is The Most Effective Heating Pad for You!

How Far Infrared Heating Pad Can Help you Ease Your Back and Neck Pain and How to Select the Good Heating Pad for you? 1

If you suffer from back and neck pain, you will understand just how difficult it is to do everyday works. Simple things like housework, or cooking dinner, can be really hard to do when you are suffering pain, particularly in those areas of the shoulders and neck because they are among the most regularly used muscles. It is also common for people who work in offices to suffer some level of pain in the neck and shoulders.

Traditional treatment options have often fell short, particularly when it comes to delivering soothing heat to the affected areas. Other heat pads don’t stay put where you really need them to, and some just don’t generate enough heat to relax the tension in the muscles. But now, with the Jade far infrared Heating Pad, all those problems can be soothed away.

This heating pad combine with negative ions, far-infrared rays and natural stones to give you optimum healing,also there is no EMF from the heating area, So it gives a good and safe pain relief for back and neck pain sufferers.

Chiropractic Clinic/Medical Office:

PROMOTE HEALING with far-infrared therapy for CHRONIC PAIN RELIEF

Massage Therapy Center:

Enhance your deep-tissue, SOOTHE YOUR MUSCLES

Yoga & Reiki center: Maintain WELLNESS AND BALANCE

Fitness club: REPLENISH your energy post-workout

Pain Sufferers: Enjoy INFRARED TREATMENTS at home

How Far Infrared Heating Pad Can Help you Ease Your Back and Neck Pain and How to Select the Good Heating Pad for you? 2

Why is the Far Infrared Heating Pad So Different?

It reproduces the beneficial energy of the sun, which provides fuel for our bodies cellular growth and helps support the body’s immune system.

The  Far-Infrared Heating Pad bring two different beneficial therapies to the individual.

Far-Infrared Heat is a type of Deep Heating Modality: In contrast to other superficial heating modalities(e.g., hot water baths, hot packs, electric heating pads, warm compresses) that usually do not heat deep tissues, including muscles. Far-Infrared Heat penetrates the subcutaneous layer beneath the skin surface, which usually acts as a thermal insulator and inhibits heat transfer.

FIR radiant heat therapy is a type of conversion heat treatment. This form of heating involves heat transfer by conversion of energy from a wave length energy state (e.g. light, sound) to another (heat). The high-energy photons penetrate the tissues. This energy is converted to heat by exciting the water molecules (resonance). (eg. Ultrasound, diathermy modalities) Far infrared waves can actually penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep into muscular tissue and ligaments. Deep and long lasting, usually lasting 1 to 1.5 times longer than the treatment application.

How do I know what the best temperature is for me and my condition?

Everybody is different and responds differently to heat therapy. Use common sense while in the first few weeks of use with this product. Start slow in terms of temperature and time of use.

A suggestion would be to start with one third of the available heat range for 20 minutes and observe the way your body responds to the therapy, and then adjust accordingly. Remember this form of therapy causes your body to detoxify, meaning that depending on the level of toxicity you might feel dizzy or nauseous. A remedy for this feeling is to drink water to help expel the toxins.

• How long does the relief last?

Everyone responds differently. In general, for each hour of use the effective therapy should last up to an additional hour.

How long can I use the pad?

You can use the pad as often and for as long as you like. Many customer like to use it to help them relax and sooth aches and pains throughout their day, while others like to use the pad to help expedite the healing process of an injury. The more you use it, the more relaxed and revitalized you will feel. Please allows the usage instructions for the first several weeks of use.

Is the Far Infrared Heating Pad flexible? Can it be wrapped around a body part?

How Far Infrared Heating Pad Can Help you Ease Your Back and Neck Pain and How to Select the Good Heating Pad for you? 3


Yes. The format of the pad is totally flexible and made to mold to an area of discomfort for ultimate heating benefit and pain relief.

Other Specifications:

Medium Jade Pad (21x 31 inch)

Medium size for entire back or any area.

Made with 126 pieces

of 1.2 inch natural jade stones

Weight: 4.8 lb (2.2 kg)

PWower: 100 Watts, FIR: 4~14μm

Negative Ion output: over 500/cc

How Far Infrared Heating Pad Can Help you Ease Your Back and Neck Pain and How to Select the Good Heating Pad for you? 4

With this heating pad you can ensure the soothing effects of the heat goes directly to the source of the pain, giving quick and effective relief. This far infrared heating pad is a must-have for anyone who suffers from pain in those areas.

How much does it cost?

The original price is 359.00 USD, but right now, there is an amazing discount, which makes the jade far infrared heating pad just               229.00USD!! That’s an incredible bargain, and a small price to pay for something that will take away your pain. Why wouldn’t you want to try it?

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