How does far infrared therapy help body care and pain relief ?

How does far infrared therapy help body care and pain relief ? 1

How does far infrared therapy help body care and pain relief?

In today’s fast-paced society, with the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase in the intensity of work, more and more people are easily getting  to fatigue, and the long-term decline in their body immunity leads to various diseases. Various types of health care products have emerged in the market to alleviate various fatigue symptoms and treat various diseases.

The physiotherapy equipment that is commonly used in the market today is usually in the form of wrapping and affixing to the treatment part of the human body, and the physiotherapy is performed by using various heating wires or heating of the carbon fiber heating wire. The device is simple in operation, small in size, and low in price, and can appropriately alleviate general fatigue symptoms. However, since the metal heating wire can only produce a small amount of far-infrared rays, the far-infrared dose reaching the human body is too small to be used for medical purposes, and the chronic diseases such as refractory muscles, joint strain, muscle and nerve palsy, and rheumatic pain are not effective.

Therefore, this product has not really entered thousands of households, and it is not able to provide ideal physiotherapy and health care services for all kinds of people.

In order to solve the technical problems of insufficient infrared rays, poor efficacy and narrow adaptability of the existing hot compress therapy equipment, UTK provides a kind of far infrared rays which are close to the human body and make the far infrared rays act on the human body without being blocked. A far-infrared heating pad with excellent curative effect.

The UTK heating pad uses carbon fiber heating material combined with natural jade tourmaline stone to collect far infrared heat therapy and negative ions to achieve pain relief.

What is benefits of far infrared therapy? How does far infrared therapy help body care and pain relief ? 2

One of the health benefits of far-infrared therapy is that it helps boost your immune system.

Far Infrared Therapy (FIR) involves the use of far infrared rays to gently heal, soothe, stimulate and detoxify the body as well as the mind.

Far-infrared rays are intangible energy waves of energy that penetrate all layers of the body’s body and penetrate into the innermost layers of tissues, muscles, and bones.

An ancient technique in which far-infrared therapy uses waves or light from these energies to slightly raise the surface temperature of the body. When we induce a small increase in temperature, we can enhance the function of the body on multiple levels. Our hands, body and sun always emit FIR energy. In ancient China, palm treatment was used to pass these infrared rays from one person to another.

In modern times, it is often called reiki. Ancient Indian yogis also treat FIR with the palm of their hand, especially when the palms are placed on the eyes in the case of dry or stressed eyes. Many ancient civilizations, including Japan, China, India, the Americas, Northern Europe and Ancient Rome, have adopted a variety of thermal therapies.

The role and efficacy of far infrared

In long-term practice studies, experts have found that this type of treatment may help reduce fat, chronic fatigue, water retention, skin disease, and the elimination of heavy metals, poisons and carcinogens in the body.

Whenever we process food, especially when we deal with unhealthy foods or meat, our body produces lactic acid and free fatty acids, as well as excess sodium and uric acid. In patients with skin problems, this type of treatment is often found to help cleanse the liver and kidneys, rather than overusing the skin when treating our toxins through the dermis.

Far-infrared therapy increases blood flow very gently by expanding capillaries that carry blood. It also increases oxygenation and regeneration of the blood, deeply detoxifying it to improve the function of all major organs in the body, which rely on blood for energy. This detoxification is at the deepest level, allowing the hidden toxins in the blood and tissues to dissolve or fix.

With subtle heating, far infrared rays boost your immune system and increase the number of white blood cells and killer T cells. It is an excellent treatment for promoting healing, relieving muscle soreness, muscle spasms and relieving rheumatoid arthritis

NASA research shows that far infrared rays on the cardiovascular system are a good way to keep the astronaut’s heart in top shape.

Far infrared rays can also increase the activity of processed enzymes in our digestive tract and promote metabolism. An hour of treatment can burn up to 900 calories and excel in breaking down fat, waste, fat and other forms of toxic substances. The rejuvenation of far infrared rays has been shown to help heal scar tissue such as burn scars, acne scars and other forms of skin scars.

The quality of sweating from far-infrared therapy does help us rule out the huge levels of pollution in the modern era. It is also important to relieve discomfort and reduce redness and swelling. Clinical studies conducted in the United States and Japan found that “most of the stiffness caused by aging, pain and soreness is reduced or eliminated”, “systemic far infrared heat can reduce the pain caused by burns and reduce the healing time to reduce scars.”

Heart studies at The Mayo Clinic and the American College of Cardiology found that infrared therapy significantly improved vascular function in hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and smoking. The therapy also increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, and helps to lose weight.

The Far Infrared Sauna can be used as a unit in your home and a spa facility to take advantage of these health benefits. Investing in personal far infrared heating pads is an investment in your long-term health and well-being. UTK heating pads combine the same far-infrared technology with jade and tourmaline to help release far-infrared rays and promote natural detoxification of chemicals, toxins and toxic metals during sleep.


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