Back Pain? Try UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad !

Back Pain? Try UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad ! 1

Far infrared heating pad & regular electric heating pad  

Are you suffering from back pain,neck pain,spine pain or chronic pain?

You may have tried many ways to make your pain relief,like heat therapy is one of them.


Far infrared heat helps give relief from back pain,sleeping disorders, muscle spasms, sports injuries, blood disorders, and even diabetes through a safe ,all natural treatment,aid with recovery and stress reduction.Increasing circulation and inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system, lowering blood pressure,reducing pain.


Electric heating pads use electric heating coils, which not only emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation, but only heat your surface of skin (or burn it, as has happened to so many people).

On the other hand, far infrared heating pads use natural stones, such as Jade, to deliver deep penetrating heat (infrared rays) which can penetrate all the way to your bones and create a uniform warming effect.Besides,deep penetrating infrared rays do not only relieve your pain,they actually increase blood circulation in your muscles and help your body heal the injured area.

Back Pain? Try UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad ! 2


UTK far infrared heating pad,your wise choice

 Back Pain? Try UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad ! 3


Since these heating pad are more expensive than conventional heating pads,and with so many back pain products,it’s important to know how to choose the highest quality ones.

UTK far infrared heating pad,your wise choice for back pain relief.

How it works

When the natural jade is heated,it emits far-infrared heat that penetrates deep into your body and relieves pain,improves blood circulation,reduces tension and stress and in time—-improves muscle flexibility.Natural jade is known as a healing stone and has been known to boost depleted spirits .It provides a steady stream of positive energy that helps you slowly recover from past problems.To get the right temperature,you can crank it all the way up to the highest heat level possible.Within 5 minutes the pad is really warm and you can adjust downward with no problems.

When should I feel results

Many people experience immediate relief from tension and remedial pain,while others require several days of regular use to begin to feel the benefits.The results vary and will depend upon your underlying condition and how often you use your far infrared heating pad.To get the quickest results and greatest benefits,only use your far infrared heating pad according to the directions and use it as often as possible.

What is the best temperature for me and my condition?

Everybody is different and responds differently to heat therapy.Use common sense while in the first weeks of use with this product.Start slow in terms of temperature and time of use.

A suggestion would be to start with one third of the available heat range for 20 minutes and observe the way your body responds to the therapy, and then adjust accordingly. Remember this form of therapy causes your body to detoxify, meaning that depending on the level of toxicity you might feel dizzy or nauseous. A remedy for this feeling is to drink water to help expel the toxins.

How to use it


some doctors use our pads for castor oil packs on the liver and kidney areas,which works well.

Back Pain? Try UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad ! 4






Massage Therapist:

Some massage therapist use a heating pad for their massage table that penetrate deeply without overwhelming or hurting skin from being too hot.

Back Pain? Try UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad ! 5




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If you have any questions,please do not hesitate to contact with sue@utktechnology.com.

To your health and happiness.

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