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Introduction of far Infrared Thermal Blanket

Introduction of far infrared thermal blanketThe latest high-density electric heating carbon fiber is used to heat to produce far-infrared ray, which interacts with the far-infrared radiation layer, and the wavelength effect of qigong division's work is automatically simulated through soqi microcomputer intelligent chip to produce the far-infrared ray most suitable for human health care with high and low temperature changes. Its heat can penetrate 3-5cm under the skin of human body, resonate with human cells and activate cells, Quickly dredge the meridians and improve local discomfort.The latest scientific microcomputer temperature control design, according to your own comfort and health care needs, you can choose 1 ° C or 5 ° C to rise and fall freely, with a wider range of 20-55 ° C. combined with the super large LCD display, you can see it at a glance and care for your every detailed feeling.

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Product features of far infrared thermal blanketIt can increase the oxygen content of cells and the ability to absorb nutrients, and fundamentally improve body functionPromote metabolism, enhance tissue nutrition and activate tissue metabolism

Far infrared ray can improve microcirculation system and human immune functionIt has anti-inflammatory, detumescence and analgesic effectsEasy to carry and take care of your health anytime, anywhere

Benefits of far infrared thermal blanketThe infrared thermal effect increases the skin temperature, reduces the sympathetic ability, releases vasoactive substances, dilates blood vessels, speeds up blood flow, improves blood circulation, enhances tissue nutrition, activates tissue metabolism, improves cell oxygen supply, improves the blood and oxygen supply state in the focus area, strengthens the regeneration ability of cells, controls the development and localization of inflammation, Accelerated the repair of lesions. The heating body and the heated body form a greater radiation heat transfer surface. Due to the uniform heating, the safety accidents caused by local overheating are avoided.

Far infrared can improve the circulatory system: the comprehensiveness and penetration of far infrared irradiation is a physiotherapy method that can fully take care of the countless microcirculatory tissue systems throughout the body. After the microcirculation is smooth, the systolic pressure of the heart is reduced, the supply of oxygen and nutrients is sufficient, and the body is light and healthy naturally. Strengthen liver function: the liver is a larger chemical factory in the body and a blood purifier. The deep thermal effect in vivo caused by far-infrared irradiation can activate cells, improve tissue regeneration ability, promote cell growth, strengthen liver function, improve liver detoxification, and keep the visceral environment in good condition. It can be said to be a disease prevention strategy.

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