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How to Use Electric Heating Pad? What Are the Hazards of Electric Heating Pad

1 How to use the electric heating pad1. Usually, after the electric heating pad is bought home, just unpack it, put it in the position to be used, plug in the power supply, turn the switch to high or low temperature, and use it after heating in a few minutes.2. Electric leakage may occur if the electric heating pad with poor quality is not well maintained after long-term use, so it is best not to use it when sleeping.

How to Use Electric Heating Pad? What Are the Hazards of Electric Heating Pad 1

3. When using the electric heating pad, it should not be directly laid on the layer in direct contact with the body, but a thinner mattress or other fabric should be padded on it to avoid scalding caused by too high temperature.4. When the electric heating pad is powered on, don't put anything else on it except the thin mattress or bed sheet, otherwise it is likely to cause a fire due to the high local temperature.2 What are the hazards of electric heating pad

1. Predisposing diseasesThe occurrence of allergic dermatitis, on the one hand, is the use of electric heating pad continuous heat dissipation, so that human skin moisture is evaporated and dried; On the other hand, due to the stimulation of the heat source body itself to the skin, some people's skin is allergic and itchy, or small papules of different sizes appear on the body, which can bleed, scab and desquamate after scratching.2. Can lead to infertility

When the electric heating pad is open, there will be a very low electromagnetic field, which will have some adverse effects on women's endocrine, and seriously lead to infertility. Men's testicles can ensure sperm motility only at a lower temperature. The heat generated by the electric heating pad will have an adverse effect on men's seminal vesicles for a long time, resulting in men's oligospermia or weak sperm motility;3. Decreased resistanceChildren have great physical vitality. As the saying goes, "children have three pots of fire on their hips", so their hips are not afraid of cold. If they are used to the heat of electric heating cushion, their resistance to cold will be reduced, their immunity will be reduced, and their growth and development will be affected. It is not recommended.

4. Infant dehydrationAs children are in the period of growth and development, the water intake should be higher than that of adults according to the proportion of body weight, and the use of electric heating pad is overheated for too long, which will cause children to lose too much water, resulting in dry laryngeal mucosa, hoarseness, irritability and other dehydration symptoms.5. Security

How to Use Electric Heating Pad? What Are the Hazards of Electric Heating Pad 2

According to the experience of using electric heating pad at home, there are two main unsafe factors of electric heating pad. One is that the electric heating pad is overheated due to improper use, resulting in spark, arc and other burning accidents. The other is the electric shock accident caused by poor insulation or damaged insulation of the electric heating pad;6. Cause elevated blood pressureBecause of the existence of radiation and the influence of high temperature, the electric heating pad is a mechanical heating, which will destroy the balance mechanism of the human body. It is easy to have the phenomenon of elevated blood pressure, especially in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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