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UTK Neck Shoulder Heating Pad

$ 139.00$ 149.00
15 customer reviews


1.CONTOURED FOR NECK & SHOULDERS & BACK: Perfectly contoured to drape comfortably around your neck & shoulders & back.
2.MORE EFFECTIVE & SAFE & LONGER-LASTING & DEEPER PENETRATING THERAPEUTIC HEAT than conventional heating pads: features natural jade, far-infrared heat, negative ions.
3.MORE SOLID CONSTRUCTION, SECURE AND STURDY: the controller, the cable, the pad and connections.
4.EASY TO OPERATE SMART DIGITAL CONTROLLER: with Timer and Temperature settings, Auto shut-off , and Memory Function.

1. Dimensions: 70 x 62.5 cm; and approximately 1.3 cm thick.
2. 58 Individual Natural Jade Stones for maximum heat transfer and penetration Held securely held in place on a 3.8 cm; spacing layout
3. Actual jade stone area is approx. 25 by 36 cm; (but pad extends from edge to edge)
4. Power Cord: 10 foot.
5. Wattage: 60 watts
6. Standard Voltage: AC 110-120 Volts or AC 220-240 Volts
7. Actual Pad Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
8. Shipping Weight: 2 kg (4 lbs)
9.Package box dimensions: 45*18*10.5 CM



UTK Neck & Shoulder Far Infrared Natural Jade Heating Pad is perfectly contoured to relieve muscle tension where people experience it most—the neck and shoulder and back area.

Thanks to the velcro strap on the pad itself, UTK heating pad is designed to stay in place throughout your entire treatment session. Use for just 30 minutes daily (or as recommended by your doctor) to increase blood flow and reduce pain and muscle tension.


Contoured 28” x 25” Pad: Drapes around the neck and shoulders with precision

Precise Heat Settings: LED controller adjusts heat settings (103°F-159°F by 1°F increments) from warm to high based on your comfort level

4-Hour Auto Shut-Off: Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating

10-Foot Extra-Long Cord: Makes it easier to use from the comfort of your bed or favorite chair

Premium Travel Bag: Keeps the heating pad protected in between uses.


Pad Size: 28” x 25”
Power: AC 110-120 Volts or AC220-240 Volts , 50Hz/60Hz, 60 Watts
Pad Material: Soft PU leather (both sides), non-toxic PP cotton, 58 Individual Natural Jade Stones
Auto Shut-Off Time: 240 minutes by 15 minutes increments


Warm–temperature range (103°F~110°F)
Low–temperature range (~120°F)
Medium–temperature range (~130°F)
High–temperature range (140°F~159°F)


UTK provides 365 Day Manufacturer Limited Warranty.

1. Helps give temporary relief from minor muscle and stiffness.
2. Helps give temporary relief from joint pain.
3. Helps give temporary relief from muscle spasms.
4. Helps give temporary relief from minor sprains and strains.
5. Helps give temporary relief from minor muscular back pain.
6. Helps give temporary increase of local circulation where applied.
7. Helps your muscles relax.
8. Utilizes negative ions to help relieve stress and boost energy.

Shipping and returns

UTK’s Return Policy

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Please follow these 3 steps:
1. Send an email to support@utktechnology.com with your intent to return and your reason.
2. After receiving a reply with acknowledgement of the return, please ship it to:
UTK’s US Return Address:
1900 Sumac Dr. Flower Mound, TX 75028, USA
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30-Day Risk-Free Trial
With your purchase of a UTK Heating Pad, you will enjoy a 30-Day risk-free trial. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason you can send it back for a refund of the price of the product. If you think you may return your pad during your trial period, please use it with care and always cover it with a towel or blanket. The unit must be in good condition, without smell, stains, or damage.
365-Day Warranty
You can instantly extend your product’s warranty from 30 to 365 days by doing ONE of the following:
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Optional Five-Year Warranty
For the UTK far-infrared Heating Pad, we also offer an optional five-year extended warranty, for an additional 35% of the item’s retail price. If you experience a problem with your product at any time during these five years, we will send you a new one as a replacement. The replacement may be the same model or a newer one.
We don’t recommend you to buy extended warranty. Usually, if nothing happened with the unit within first year: the chances are – nothing will happened within decade with correct use.
If you are still interested in purchasing this extended warranty, please contact us by e-mail at support@utktechnology.com
CustomerReviews (15)

15 reviews for UTK Neck Shoulder Heating Pad

  1. Cape

    I am very pleased with this unit. I can sit at my desk and use this while working. I use it every night laying in bed. It does take about ten minutes to warm… I have a four level cervical fusion in my neck. It states not to use with metal implants. I asked my neurosurgeon and he said it would not hurt, but do not concentrate the heat on high and only use it for ten minutes at a time in that area….

  2. Brennan

    Great heating Pad!

  3. S C

    I give it a 5 star because it is easy to set up and no need to microwave anything like I use to.

  4. Derrell

    Worth every penny even though priced pretty high!

  5. John L.

    It’s going to be a Happy (pain free) New Year! As 2017 begins, I have the assurance that my chronic and severe upper-back/neck/shoulder pain issues are going to be relieved with the UTK Neck & Shoulder Far Infrared Heating Pad. I have tried just about every ‘serious’ ( ranging from 150 to 300 dollars) heat wrap designed for these regions of the body – with very disappointing results. None of the units were able to deliver a level of consistent heat and coverage that was therapeutic for me. However, this heating pad is unique – with the heated jade stones delivering a level of deep penetrating heat, it delivers exceptional relief. After just one 30 minute session, I experienced marked relief! I suggest you cut-to-the-chase and just buy this one first. This, in my opinion, is the best heat wrap solution on the market – regardless of price!

  6. rjack

    I Have RA , and osteoarthritis and have been looking for help for some time, recently broke my shoulder and have had a long recovery. Last night was the best sleep I’ve had for 4 months. Thank you for a top of the line product. I can cover both my shoulders and the neck part goes up high enough for the osteoporosis .

  7. turnup

    So happy I found this product. No complaints here. I feel it works as expected.

  8. nic

    great infrared heating without burning or feeling to hot on skin. works just like they say it will.

  9. B

    Love the relaxing, pain releasing benefits of this product. I had a little problem with the heat adjustment on several ocassions, but rereading the instructions resolved the issue. I liked the pad so much that I ordered a second, different shape pad for my family.

  10. K. Fischer

    My wife and I both have had cervical spine surgeries. We both like this device very much. I happen to be a physician and value this over a regular heating pad. I use it twice a day on most days, in the morning and in the evening while watching television. I find that this will melt away those tight muscles in my neck and shoulders that are locked in spasm.

  11. g

    I found the product to be sturdy and a little heavy(understandable with the amount of stones used).
    I used the product and was pleased with its performance. Sitting, enjoying the warmth, and falling asleep.
    As to the benefit, time and usage will provide that information.

  12. little

    So this may be a bit premature, but I love this product. I work out a lot and am always tight through my upper back, shoulders and neck. I go for monthly massages and often endure a very painful session as my therapist tries to knead out the excessive knotting in my muscles. So I ordered this pad hoping it could help. My expectations weren’t high, but with all the positive reviews I figured it was worth a try.

    I have only used it a handful of times, but gave it a go on Saturday night knowing I had a massage the next morning. I can’t say I had zero knots, but I found the massage to be much less painful. Even my therapist commented on how “not bad” the area was. Her comment to me, ” whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.” I will add in the caveat that I did some foam rolling in the morning as well. But I have done that in the past and still had issues.

    I will continue to use the pad and hopefully my positive results will continue. If you have any doubts about this product, just know that it won’t hurt to try it, and you may be pleasantly surprised. And if not, you can always return it.

  13. Kathyrine

    Bought for my mom to replace her old one. She likes this one better because it heats better and is contoured. So far, no complaints.

  14. Steve

    It works well and seems to heal my aches. Initially, I waited for it to heat to the desired indicated temperature, which touch-wise, it did not. It took me a moment to understand it is not like a traditional “heating pad”. This one heats but on an infrared level which penetrates deeper.
    I like it and it works well. It is a little bulky as in it is something that you have to strap on and precisely place versus a traditional “heating pad” that you either lay or drape over the sore area.
    The company is very open to communication. I have not had a need to reach out to them; however, they have reached out to me as a new customer asking if I had any questions about their product and offering assistance in any way. They appear to be a considerate company focused on delivering exceptional customer service. I would recommend this product.

  15. Dr Venus

    SIMPLY THE BEST – I own the UTK large, medium and the neck and shoulder pads. All are of the best possible quality and design. The pad can be used on the neck and shoulders, and other places. I have also used it wrapped around my waist – it can be with the jade on the back, or with the jade on the front of body, or at either left or right hip. I use it while I work in my office sitting on my office chair in any of those ways/places on the body. What makes this pad unique for health is that it combines the best of ALL things: it is FIR – far infrared, negative ions and NO EMF (electromagnetic fields). I am a scientist with 2 PhD degrees in macro and molecular biology, physiology and math as well as quantum physics master. I can actually verify how POWERFUL for health is this combination of far infrared, negative ions and no EMF. Also, I can verify that ALL THREE of these features are absolutely TRUE for the pad. They are not just fake claims as I have seen all over the place about some products. I do have the ability to detect EMF as well as I own a meter that measures EMF and I can verify that there is absolutely NO EMF at all. This is huge health benefit because the EMF are preventing health. Also, this kind of infrared – FIR/ far-infrared is very beneficial because it does way more than what the company has outlined in their description – it actually clears the ‘dirty’ water from within the cells and the body can replenish it with new clean water which is absolutely essential for normal physiological functioning of the body and every cell, organ, system in it. It has also the ability to release stuck energetic low frequency which prevent the body from healing and being healthy and although those stuck low frequency energies in the body are invisible to the physical eyes and to testing equipment, they actually are the quantum source of all lack of ease in the body. The negative ions are very beneficial as well and I can feel how relaxed, refreshed and revitalized I am after using the pads and long after it. Since the pad can be under or over body, I use it (I use all 3 of them at once – the large under me, the medium on top of me and the neck and shoulder on neck) while I enjoy a nice movie laying on the couch. It is pure pleasure of the healthiest most pleasant, revitalizing, relaxing, energizing kind. One have to experience it to know it. Thank you, UTK, for making your pads the best that they can be.

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