HAs Your Snake Ever Been Burned by an Under Tank Heating Pad?

Snakes need belly heat in order to digest their food properly. Under tank heating pads are very safe and are the best to use. They stick to the bottom under the tank. I plug mine into a dimmer switch--a little device you plug into the wall. There is a sliding switch that you can adjust the temperature with. Get a digital probe thermometer--an indoor/outdoor one works best, and put it on the bottom of the tank over the pad. Adjust temp to your snakes correct temp (my corn snake needs 85F). Forget the lamps, not needed. Dimmer switches can be bought for about $10.00 at Home Depot or Lowes, the thermometer $8. 00 any garden department, Walmart, etc.

HAs Your Snake Ever Been Burned by an Under Tank Heating Pad? 1

1. how to pair a bluetooth remote to Playstation 3 without a controller?

You will need a controller to navigate the XMB in order to set up the remote ! Borrow a controller is possible !

2. Determine the optimal order quantity and describe in which price range it will fall?

Okay, in a confusing way, you are asking two distinct questions. 1. Determine the optimal order quantity and describe in which price range it will fall? and 2. Based on that price range also determine the total cost? So given Data D = 824 per compressor S = $14 per compressor H = $6 per compressor Range price 1 to 49 => $15 50 to 79 => $13 80 to 99 => $11 100 or more => $10 For the first question: optimal order quantity (Q) = (2xDxS /H) Q = (2 x 824 x 14)/ 6 Q = (23072/6) Q = (3845.3333 Q = 62.010 The answer is 62 compressors would be the optimal quantity to order at a price range of $13 per order (50 to 79 => $13) For the second question: Use the formular: Total cost (TC) = Carrying cost Order cost Purchase cost TC = (Q/2)H (D/Q)S (P)(D) The total cost to use 824 compressors per year would be: TC = (62/2)6 (824/62)(14) (13)(824) TC = (31)(6) (13.290)(14) 10712 TC = 186 186.06 10712 TC = 11084.06 Therefore the total cost to use 824 compressors/yeare is 11084.06

HAs Your Snake Ever Been Burned by an Under Tank Heating Pad? 2

3. The 'order of error'

For numerical quadrature, in general, the integral is approximated as a weighted sum of function values:$$int_a^bf(x),dx approx sum_k=1^nw_kf(x_k).$$If the absolute global error satifies the following as $n

ightarrow infty$ $$left|int_a^bf(x),dx - sum_k=1^nw_kf(x_k)

ight|=O(n^-p)$$then the error is of order $p$. Depending on the smoothness of $f$, the trapezoidal rule is second-order accurate.

4. Which tooth brush is better - soft, regular or hard?

Ever wonder why the toothbrushes your dentist gives you are always the soft ones? The American Dental Association recommends SOFT brushes ONLY in order to prevent gum and tooth enamel damage

5. What is word order used for in "free word order” languages?

As a native speaker of Polish (and a linguist), I can say this: in Polish, word order is almost absolutely free; the only constraint I can think of is that prepositions (e.g. w 'in', z 'from') can not be placed after the word they refer to. Apart from that, pretty much any ordering is always understandable. It is true, however, that in some sentences some orders will sound more natural, while others will be considered emotional or emphatic, as Aspinea explained above for Latin. An example:That's all the possibilities, right? You might think SVO would be the most frequent one. Well, that's the first thing that comes to one's mind when they hear the English sentence "Johnny went to the cinema", but I really do not think that in real life it is so much more frequent. At any rate, take a look at the above examples and imagine that essentially any sentence in Polish can be reordered in an equally free way, with next to no consequences at all. In more complex sentences with subordinate clauses and such, certain orders will be more natural as easier to understand, but that's it: more natural, definitely not the only ones. I think this goes a long way to explain why the majority of linguists who work with languages with more inflection than English, do not share the Anglo-Saxon obsession with syntax and object to using 'syntax' and 'morphology' interchangeably. This includes generativism. I am quite convinced the only reason it won any following at all in continental Europe is the power of the US and anything coming from there being automatically fashionable.PS. A very distant afterthought: a mediaeval Polish shibboleth to distinguish Germans was miele myn [jl mwn] lit. 'grinds mill'. In theory, it could be SV just as well but somehow this sounds just fine in modern Polish, too.

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