Pets have an innate ability to gravitate towards things that are good for them. This does not mean they won’t get into trouble occasionally (we all know chocolate is not good for them) but over all, they know good things when they see them.

My dog LOVES my Far Infrared (FIR) Heating mat . The moment I get up to get a glass of water, he’s on it. I have to physically move him off of it so I can sit back down again. Same when I get up in the morning. He’s up on my bed and onto my FIR mat (that I sleep on all night) where I was laying just a minute ago.

What Is A Far Infrared Heating Mat?
The FIR Heating mat benefits animals just as well as it benefits humans. Just the negative ions produced by your the FIR Heating mat are attractive to your pets. It’s great for your animal’s ailments just as it is for humans.

Here are some of the benefits of the Far Infrared Heating mat:

Increases and improves circulation
Supports and boosts the immune system
Relieves and releases minor pain
Eases joint pain and stiffness
Supports lung function for better breathing

These are only the things the FDA has approved for people. But I really does SO much more. Here are some additional benefits for pets.

Increases regeneration of tissue growth healing wounds faster
Reduces stress and fatigue
Reduces inflammation
Gentle heat that is comfortable
Does not burn and is safe
Great for puppies and kittens at the lower setting

How Does It Work?
The Far Infrared Heating mat heats the body from the inside using far infra-red light (FIR). The Far Infrared Heating mat has amethyst crystals that make the FIR more bio-available to the body – whether it’s your body or your pet’s. Most people receive relief from their pain in as little as 15 minutes.

Animals have a lot of the same issues now days as humans. They have circulatory problems, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, pain, injuries, back problems, etc. The discomfort from these ailments and conditions can be relieved. And not only cats and dogs but other small and large animals. People have put the Far Infrared Heating mats over their horse’s backs, on their hips, or over their necks to help relieve equine pain. They have used the smaller mat for spot areas on the horse – around legs, smaller areas on a flank, up by ears, etc. Those who have poultry farms and have used FIR heaters report increased growth and production from their flocks. Those people with reptiles use FIR for the comfort and health of their scaled-friends.

The Far Infrared Heating Mat Is Soothing
As you know, pets like to find sunny places to bask, be it outside in the sun or inside on a sunny window sill. FIR is basically like sunlight but without the bad rays. The Far Infrared Heating mat produces FIR and is very soothing and warm.

It Produces Negative Ions – Very Healthy
The Far Infrared Heating mat also produces negative ions which is kind of like absorbing vitamins through the skin and lungs. Here are some of the benefits of negative ions:

They energize the body.
They ionize calcium and sodium in the blood stream, increasing the pH and alkalizing the blood which is needed for optimal health.
They help to increase metabolism, increase cellular hydration and help the body detox.
Oh and here’s a bonus feature: the Far Infrared Heating mat has an EMF shield. The body is safe from damaging EMF when in use
which allows the body to heal more effectively.

Don’t worry about it getting dirty from your pet. You can just put an all-cotton sheet on it to protect it.