If you suffer from chronic pain, such as pain in your back or neck, it’s likely that you’ve already tried a range of treatments. If medication and alternative treatments are providing you with relief, you may want to try using a heat pad.
compare with conventional heating pad, infrared heating pad combines Far Infrared heat and Negative Ion therapy with the healing power of Jade and tourmaline which is good to relieve our pains. Because it is not
just warm but offering real therapy with hot stones, so more and more people like to spend more money on effective products like jade or tourmaline mat.

People have been searching for alternatives to these kinds of products for decades. Now, there is finally a solution available. Infrared heat pads differ from standard heat pads in a number of way. While traditional pads only heat the surface of the skin, these pads actually use infrared rays. This allows them to penetrate the skin and provide a deeper level of healing. While conventional pads can burn the skin or dry it out, infrared heating pads don’t have this problem. While you may be intimidated by the word “infrared,” there’s nothing that you need to worry about. Infrared rays are different from ultraviolet or UV rays. Using this pads won’t damage your skin or increase your risk of skin cancer.

Far infrared heating pads rely on natural stones like Jade,tourmaline or amethyst. These stones allow them to deliver deep heat without any risks or side effects. These pads can warm your body all the way down to the bone. Because this product is so useful, the demand for it is extremely high. If you’ve been searching for a more effective way to treat your lower back pain, you should start looking into infrared heating pads and other infrared heating devices. It’s one of the best ways to treat tight muscles and chronic soreness.

But how to choose your own infrared heating pad between jade and tourmaline heating mat? Following information may give you some helps.

Emits farther infrared heat
Symbolizes happiness as a gemstone                                                   
Boost the body’s immune system and circulation
Improves the body ’s energy level
Reduces bruising, pain and swellings

The term “jade” may refer to either of two metamor-phic rocks made of different silicate minerals, nephrite and jadeite. Nephrite is somewhat softer, but less likely to break. East Asians have valued jade for centuries.

In Chinese culture, jade was believed to protect the kidney, heart, larynx, liver, spleen, thymus, and thyroid, and generally to strengthen the body. It was also thought to be cooling. This may be why jade pads are very popular in Asian countries.

As a healing stone, jade is believed to radiate positive energies. When a jade pad is used without electricity in the summertime, its coolness soothes and relaxes. Because of its composition, it can help to relieve magnesium deficiency as well

Emits more negative ions
Improves blood circulation
Helps detoxification
Helps eliminate toxic metals
Supports the liver and kidneys

The name “tourmaline” is used for several different but related minerals that come in rich and varied colors. Tourmaline are piezoelectric-when they are heated, they produce an electrical potential (different electrical charges at opposite ends). They also emit FIR (far infrared) radiation and negative ions, effects that increase when heat is applied.

As a healing stone, tourmaline is said to reduce intestinal and skin problems, support the exchange or oxygen in the blood, improve circulation, and help with disease of the liver, skin, and autonomic nervous system. It is thought to improve the immune, endocrine, and lymphatic systems, heal insomnia, and stimulate regeneration throughout the body. Brown tourmaline is reputed to be an excellent grounding stone, aligning and protecting the etheric body. It is said to encourage community spirt and social commitment, heal dysfunctional relationships, and increase empathy and creativity.

So actually the properties of jade and tourmaline is almost same, its hard to say which is better for pain relief. However if you very care infrared therapy jade heating pad will be your first option since heated jade will emit more infrared effects. Tourmaline pad can give you more negative therapy since the negative output is higher than jade.So you can choose what you like according to personal needs and concerns.